I searched Think Atheist and didn't come across this topic and apologize if this has already been discussed. I ran across this article, with attached documentary today (see URL below). The video is nearly 2 hours long but I found it utterly fascinating.

In 2004, the Dover Pennsylvania school board ordered science teaches to read a statement to their students suggesting that there is an alternative theory to evolution called intelligent design. They refused.


At the end of the video, the judge stated that the decision was not the capstone on the ID discussion and probably wouldn't be for several generations. He was right about that. Today, we see the same false statements being made about evolution and about ID. Some people absolutely refuse to believe that evolution is true science and ID is not. The video provides a good dissection of these arguments and shows beyond a doubt that ID is creationism re-badged.

My questions to all: Has any of the current discourse about ID and the attempted insertion into our schools changed at all because of this decision? How are the ID people changing their message to attempt to thwart the exclusion clause?

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I don't think the message has really changed since the Scopes monkey trial. They just change the language a bit to keep it sciency and rely on the masses to not do any research on their own. And lies to emotionaly manipulate people, of course.


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