I wonder if I'm classified as anything (as if it really matters)

So here I am on an Atheist site. I used to be a Christian as recently as about a month ago. But it seemed the more I questioned the more they (most of the Christian community) said I was "being controlled by Satan". So I started to study secular things and realized my intuition was right. The reason I had such a problem with Jesus and the bible is because they are fake. I have to get this off my chest because I have been banned from every Christian chat website that I used to belong to. The bible was written by unknown authors arguably 40 years after Jesus supposedly died. So what happened in that 40 year stretch were they looking for a pen? Also I found that none of the books were written by the supposed apostles. Yep none 0 zilch. Then I find out that there is no corroborating evidence of Jesus at the time. For someone that produced all kinds of miracles and caused the Jewish people so much trouble they didn't seem to write about him at all. And Josehpus is an obvious forgery, yeah a Jewish scribe is going to call Jesus "the Christ" and be allowed to live??? My theory which is based on nothing really is this. A group of Jewish people wanted to break from Judaism around 70-80 CE so they made up a story that would fulfill one of there prophecies and claimed to be followers of Christ. They formed a new covenant that would let them be free from Jewish law and went on their merry way. The early church fathers ironed out some outstanding issues with the epistles and voila theres your bible.

I dunno maybe I'm off base but it makes more sense then the Christian version. The wacky thing is I still believe in God. I just don't think It belongs in a box or a book. So I guess I'm not much of an atheist either. I just think God is the ultimate source of all energy not some dude in the sky. No heaven or hell or any fictional characters. So what on earth am I? Are there people like me??

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Sounds like you're in the Deist department, at least in some variety. Deists often believe in a deity that was the source of the universe, but has not intervened with it since giving it that first kick. Does that coincide with what you believe?

Haha yeah that sounds about right. I know I could never prove it but the energy has to have a source.

Agreed, George, that the energy needs a source, but it is YOU who has a need to call that source, god.

You're new at this, I would expect that need to ultimately diminish and fade - right, Belle/Sarah/Jessica?

Welcome to TA. It is not unusual to stop believing in a particular God and still think that a “god” must still exist. This is because you have not had a chance to consider the merits of the alternatives – i.e. scientific answers. Once you stop believing in God(s) you will still look at the world from the viewpoint of theism. It will take time to shake that off. So allow yourself the time to consider other options but this time no faith is required.

It is also worth considering that many of the believers you were close to will not want to associate with you. This is not because you know longer believe but because they now must ask themselves why you no longer believe. This will compel them to ask questions of their own faith. Not all of them will have the same courage as you had to challenge long held beliefs. It can be scary so many will prefer not to have to think about it and therefore will shun you instead. Rather than accept that someone they have known for a long time would “suddenly” (it was not a sudden) forsake their God, they will close ranks and blame Satan or the “rise of atheism” instead.

Now that you are starting to think more freely you will get greater clarity and you have found a good site with TA to help get answers and insights into the non religions mind.

Hey George, welcome to TA!  Don't feel you have to have a label, you know - if you like the label atheist, or deist, or agnostic or all the other ones floating around, by all means velcro one on, but you don't need one.  I loved the way you expressed your exit from Christianity - I hope you'll feel comfortable here :)

Well I rendered the apologetics guy at my old church completely hostile. He could not refute the evidence that I found with anything other than some underhanded comments about Satan and me (yep we're buddies I guess) and my lack of faith. To which I said in order to have faith there needs to be something to believe in. And he stormed off. My Christian friends are baffled and are keeping their distance which is fine. I've been banned from most of the Christian site I have been a member of for a long time. But all that's okay because I'm just kinda angry.

I've been lied to repeatedly my whole life. Having me believe that I am worthless without Jesus. What a bunch of BS. I just hope some people at my church will follow suit.

Well I rendered the apologetics guy at my old church completely hostile. He could not refute the evidence that I found with anything other than some underhanded comments about Satan and me (yep we're buddies I guess) and my lack of faith.

@ George - Ha ha. I find it so ridiculous when people resort to thinking you are in cahoots with the devil just because you don't see things the same way. It's just so medieval.

I don't claim to be the smartest guy here. But when I look back at the 25 years I spent in church, I can EASILY refute ALL of the claims and apologetic arguments that I was taught in church. There was one minister at the church who had an advanced degree from a christian college and 40 years of preaching experience. I can't think of anything that he taught that couldn't be refuted by anyone who has spent 90 days on this website. My christian friends on facebook have warned each other not to post any religious messages because I will tear them apart.

ps. I'm a good buddy with Satan also.

You know standing on the outside looking in is weird; I never realized how isolated and cultish it really is.

My condolences on how the "Christian" websites treated you. On the good side you are thinking for yourself now, congratulations.

I went through a deist period myself. I learned enough about physics and the universe and realized the god of the bible could never be the Creator; god was just so small and stupid. I thought that as an amoeba is to us, we are to "god", and "god" is to the Creator.

Eventually my concept of the Creator kept expanding to a greater and greater something but ever more distant until it was so big and powerful but uninvolved that it vanished altogether. Only reality - the universe - was left.


Religions are just socially acceptable cults.

Welcome to TA George and hope you feel at home here.

George, I found that reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science- and Reality" by Chris Mooney, helped me through much of the anger and understanding people. Hope it helps.


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