I wonder if I'm classified as anything (as if it really matters)

So here I am on an Atheist site. I used to be a Christian as recently as about a month ago. But it seemed the more I questioned the more they (most of the Christian community) said I was "being controlled by Satan". So I started to study secular things and realized my intuition was right. The reason I had such a problem with Jesus and the bible is because they are fake. I have to get this off my chest because I have been banned from every Christian chat website that I used to belong to. The bible was written by unknown authors arguably 40 years after Jesus supposedly died. So what happened in that 40 year stretch were they looking for a pen? Also I found that none of the books were written by the supposed apostles. Yep none 0 zilch. Then I find out that there is no corroborating evidence of Jesus at the time. For someone that produced all kinds of miracles and caused the Jewish people so much trouble they didn't seem to write about him at all. And Josehpus is an obvious forgery, yeah a Jewish scribe is going to call Jesus "the Christ" and be allowed to live??? My theory which is based on nothing really is this. A group of Jewish people wanted to break from Judaism around 70-80 CE so they made up a story that would fulfill one of there prophecies and claimed to be followers of Christ. They formed a new covenant that would let them be free from Jewish law and went on their merry way. The early church fathers ironed out some outstanding issues with the epistles and voila theres your bible.

I dunno maybe I'm off base but it makes more sense then the Christian version. The wacky thing is I still believe in God. I just don't think It belongs in a box or a book. So I guess I'm not much of an atheist either. I just think God is the ultimate source of all energy not some dude in the sky. No heaven or hell or any fictional characters. So what on earth am I? Are there people like me??

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I think you may be a deist. It means you believe in a non-personal, non-interfering, god.

By the way, technically, Atheist means rejecting personal, interfering, god/s. So deists are technically atheists, and most atheists are also adeists.

George – you might not be classified as anything but you might be an Atheist.!!

I too believe that there is a controlling force in the Universe keeping everything together. I call it Gravity :-).

That Gravity line is good to use when told by a theist that “there must be a force” behind it all.

Gravity does hold objects together. So if two galaxies are moving apart it is not because they “repel” each other but that the dark matter empty space between them is expanding.

Well sort of…..

We could expand on it by talking about a de Sitter Universe where all matter eventually looses mass as expansion continues forever. If we take onboard Einstein cosmological constant of the isotropic and homogenous universe where expansion approaches zero then maybe gravity would be no big deal. Of course the whole thing could contract and that could in turn lead to another Big Bang.

Or maybe Goddidit? Lol.

Also, Reg, consider that gravitational attraction weakens exponentially, in relation to the distance of objects to each other, so the further apart objects are pushed by the expansion of space, the easier it becomes to push them even further apart.

Sounds like you might be a Deist, George.

BTW, that 40-year span before anything was written about Yeshua (his real name, "Jesus" was just the Greek translation of Yeshua), was for the Gospel of "Mark" to be written, "Matthew" wasn't written until five years later, "Luke" still later than that, and some say that "John" first appeared around 150 CE. Consider that that time span allowed time for most of those who would actually have lived in the area, and who might have remembered the story differently, to have died.

Here you go, George - Billy Connolly discusses that "energy" you mention:

Welcome to TA George.  I wouldn't worry about clinging to any label.  The more you look into things, the more your perspective may change, then you'd have to go label shopping again.

Hi, George! Congratulations on finding the man behind the curtain.  Not a lot of people are willing to look to closely at the faults in the story. 

I think you have an interesting theory about the roots of the Christianity. I'm curious about how it all began too. I suppose we'll never know for certain. 

I have to wonder, why are you looking for a label? You seem to be a free-thinker, curious, creative... You still believe in a supernatural force...you could call yourself a Deist, an Animist, a Pantheist, a Panentheist, or just Spiritual.  Check those worldviews out...it's interesting to learn about different forms of belief.

You don't have to worry about being alone in your recent change of belief. There are many more people calling themselves Spiritual, not affiliating themselves with a particular sect, or claiming no religious belief at all. It's quite dramatic how things are shifting, especially among younger people. If you'd like to find a "real world" community of people who are open to a looser interpretation of belief, you might enjoy the Universalist Unitarians...they're a mix of Christian, Spiritual, Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, etc.

I wish you the best of luck. Also, some people on here can be a bit dogged when arguing their point, so don't take any of it personally! But Think Atheist is a great place to expand your horizons. 

Thanks all! I don't need a label/title etc. I was just curious to see if I fit into one and what that might be.

I was pulling up some Dawkins interviews last night and I watched one with this creationist Wendy Wright. Man that woman takes the cake for unprepared and way out of her league. The funny thing is if I saw it say a year ago I would have made excuses for her and tried to defend her rather indefensable position.

And, for the first time ever I was outraged that something like religion holds back advancements in science.

I'm sure thats not such a big thing for most of you but from where I coming from its pretty significant. I feel like a new man it's great and a bit troubling. I have the duty to think and process the evidence presented to me but do I have the ability yet? I mean to say my whole life has been about unquestioning acceptance of this religion and all the nebulous things that came with it. Am I able to think critically? I'm not sure I even know what that means.

I would suggest not telling too many people of your Atheism just yet. Try to stay away from your churches influence for a while. Give yourself time to get used to not seeing the world through the eyes of a “god-fearing” believer. Soon enough you will start to notice things not so obvious before and say to yourself “that is how I used to understand it”. Like the way you noticed what was wrong with Wendy Wright’s arguments.

Critical thinking is about not accepting what you have always been told or accepted on faith. It is about studying the available information and thinking freely about it to reach your own conclusions.

Critical thinking video

Baby steps, George, baby steps - you didn't learn to walk overnight, and you won't learn to think analytically overnight either.

"But what about Bob?" - sorry, old movie reference - from back when Bill Murray had hair.

Lake Winnipisaki I knew it!


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