I wonder if anyone else shares these thoughts with me

Do you ever...

Think that everyone is pretending to care more about everything then they really do?

Wonder if you don't actually know what you're talking about, when you realize that dumb people generally think they know what they're talking about?

Think that nothing you say can be fully understood by anyone else? (Which would include these questions, making this somewhat of a paradox)

Wish you could stop thinking things over too much?

Wonder if you've lied to yourself and forgotten it was a lie, and then reconsidered something you'd always known under the assumption that it may have been a self employed lie, even though you can't remember ever having lied to yourself?

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1) Yes.
Especially vegetarians that don't de-sex their pets.

2) Yes.
That's why I <3 google and use it often. I might go into a conversation without a clear understanding, but I generally don't leave it that way.

3) No.
I like to think I'm pretty clear with most things, though there are the idiots that make the rule.

4) No.
I have diving, writing, exercise, drugs, alcohol and friends to break me out of whatever funk I get in. I redirect whenever necessary.

5) No.
In fact, I'm even having a hard time following that. How do you lie to yourself?
1. Yep. I often suspect that many people feign concern because it is the 'socially acceptable' thing to do.

2. Absolutely. It's a part of the Dunning-Kruger effect. In short, incompetent people do not recognize their incompetence, and thus assume that they are competent, and competent people usually under-rate their own competence. Or, people who don't know much don't realize how little they know, and people who do know a lot, also know how much more there is that they do not know.

3. No, I think that clear communication is possible, but usually requires a lot of work when definitions differ.

4. Sometimes. Usually when I get into one of those cycles I distract myself with something new.

5. Not as such, but I did have a dream so vivid that the next morning I was absolutely positive that it had occurred, and proceeded as if it were true. At which point my mother informed me that yes, I did indeed have to drink my milk. :)
5) Oooh.. like mind tricks, false memories, ect.. not lying, lying.
I follow.

I change my answer to Yes!
The human mind is a pattern seeker. We fill in any blank spots, whether or not we have correct data on it.
Hmm.. I'll try and explain what I mean by that last one. Sometimes I'll be thinking of some fact I know, or something I know how to do. Then I'll wonder how it is I came to know it. When I can't recall, the notion that I may have simply made it up, or just decided I know how to do it comes into mind. So then I'll do some research, or try something out. Only to find out that I never actually lie to myself, yet I still continue to sometimes be suspicious.

This doesn't happen all that often, I imagine that would make things quite difficult, but when it does happen it has a strange feeling almost like deja vu.
On that note, do you ever think you might be insane? lol

just joking about that one... mostly...
Along the lines of your last question, my friend and I once started an experiment in which we made up a story that I threw a glass of water at her. A simple and unlikely story. Our intent was to see how long it would take for us to start believing that I actually did throw that glass of water at her. (I now realize I'm breaking the rules of the game by typing that this was a story and not true, because we were always supposed to insist that it happened. Whoops.) Anywho, it's been about seven years now, and I still have not been convinced by our own trickery. :) (I know this is not a well-constructed experiment, so no comments are necessary on that.)
1) Yes of course.
-The ego wants everyone to think it is doing good just to look good in everyone else's eyes. No matter what the cost.

2)I feel this way all the time. Makes sense Dave, that's very interesting. I feel like I have lots more to learn, and I will never arrive to completely understanding 'everything'. "It is better to travel well than to arrive"~Buddha

-Everyone filters reality with their version of what really happened, or what was really said. No one can see inside your view. You and I could look through the same window and see two different things. Not one is more right than the other. It just is what it is. We all long for a connection to others, we want to be understood, but we are born alone and we will die alone. And ultimately, as we walk this earth, we are alone in our heads. When I die, the world as I know it dies too. Not one single person can share that experience.

4) 98% of our thinking is repetitive and negative. So yes.

5)Hmmm....I lie to myself everyday. My thoughts seem to keep me from the present moment, anytime I leave it, I lie to myself...reminding myself of past hurts that are exaggerated in my mind and are obviously not happening anymore. Thinking of the future of how things should turn out, I like to cling to the lies, but I know that the only thing that can be true is what is happening right now.

@Dave G- what is the difference between a dream and reality anyways, you still experience both through your mind and thoughts. We're always in storyland lol even in waking life....
You should watch the movie called 'Waking Life'. It's about not knowing the difference between dreaming and reality, and lucid dreaming, and it's animation made with rotoscoping.
I have seen it indeed! I love that movie!
Well, in this case the dream was my thinking that my mom had said I didn't have to drink my milk if I drank all the milk in the cereal bowl (chocolate!) and reality was Mom saying that she never said that and I'd best drink my milk right now. :D

Waking or sleeping, if your brain processes something it is experience, but experience and reality are not necessarily the same thing.
so if you died in your sleep would you not experience dying?
A good question, to which the only answer I have is I do not know.


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