I will thank god for his point of view and we would agree to differ.

Hello People,

I found ThinkAtheist through a Twitter search for #Atheism, and Im lovin' it.

I love how friendly and positive the atmosphere in here... 

My name is Hany, Syrian and working in Dubai right now.


I come from a religious family, where my parents will have an instant heart attack if they hear me discussing religions and gods :) and I am very well educated when it comes to Islamic stuff... 


The turning point in my life was, when I discovered a couple of Hadiths (Mohamed's sayings) that talks about weird stuff... and when I say weird I mean absurd, weird, non-sense, stupid and immoral stuff, which I will mention later on in different posts :)

so, I started asking questions and no one was able to answer them... not even people with a PhD in Islam studies.


and here I am, six or seven years later... spreading the word... waking up people from the religious dose they have been taking since they were born.


Last year I met some Raelians, and it's just funny how in the 21st century someone actually believes such crap.


My favorite Atheism debate line:

"You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say that we are the ones that need help?"

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Welcome to TA. It would be good to hear more educational posts on Islam. I know Christianity very well but Islam... Not so much.
thank you Moral Atheist for the welcome and I would happily post about Islam...

Welcome Hany - Ah, yes, we need to know a lot more about Islam - I am in Australia, and we are starting to get a problem with Muslims. A face covered muslim woman was stopped by the police for a breathalyser - to see if she had been drinking - a very common occurrence in Australia - she accused the policeman of ripping off her face mask - blah, blah. Didn't happen, not true. The problem was, it was all caught on video - to make a long story short, she got off on a technicality, because they couldn't see her frigging face.


There was a documentary on TV tonight.  A muslim man could divorce a muslim woman, but she can't divorce him, only if he approves. I only found out in the last couple of days, it's the same rules with Jews. The man has to give his wife a Get, his approval. Secular or Australian law doesn't come into it. What the....


There is going to be a big stink over this, well, I hope there is. There is a growing number of fundamentalist muslims coming to Australia, they want there own courts, with sharia law, (which has been the case in England for the last four years) not Australian law, where the man has complete control over the women. Even if a man beats his wife, she still has no say, she can't get a divorce. Is this true. Do you know anything about this.


There are a lot of moderate muslims here too. The women are coming out and saying the burqa is man made rubbish to control the women. The women who wear the burqa are brainwashed and fearful. It is very sad. Welcome again.

Hey Suzanne, the face covered woman are, as you said, brainwashed, and these are the extremists... in Syria the gov prohibited women from working in educational institutions with the niqab (burqa) in order to avoid raising a new generation of extremists... and this rule was one of the reasons of the protest that has been going for 4 months now in one of the northern cities.


Yes, it's true... in Qura'an the man is allowed/"ordered" to beat his wife if he believes that she is not following the right path of Islam or the way of her husband :)


and yes, women can't "Officially" divorce, however, they can request a separation in the courts but she will have to give up everything including the dowry and bride price in order to get an official divorce.


Islam is a great religion for men :D it allows us to marry 4 women (plus captive women), it gives us twice what a woman gets from anyone's (father, mother, brother...etc) inheritance... and alot more.

Did you know for instance that Mohamad (the prophet) had 11 wives at the same time? although he limited all muslims to 4 wives but he got 11... Lead by Example :)


Believe me you don't want the sharia court in your country... otherwise, Australia will turn into another Saudi Arabia.

if they are living in Australia they must obey by the Australian laws not create their own.



Thank you for the great welcome.

Hi Hany,


Some more questions - what do you think about the head covereing of women - what is your point of view of this, why do they do it.


I live in Sydney, and over the way, just a few miles, is a place called Parramatta - it is working class, but has fabulous shopping. There one will see muslim girls, say, teenagers and up, I would say unmarried. They wear really tight jeans, really high heels, varnished nails, lots of makeup, their head scarf is very colourful, and quite often have beads and sparkles etc. and it just looks incongruous when they smoke. Not allowed to drink, but are allowed to smoke.


What the!!! I just think it is funny. It is in my lifetime that catholic nuns wore the shroud, same style of head gear that muslims are wearing, but now just wear a simple dress, just below the knee and head gear of sorts. So things are changing. But the fundamentalists have a lot of sway here, and getting more vocal.


There is a really interesting bloke here called Waleed Ali, educated, smart, a lawyer, on TV for investigative, analysing of politics journalist, used to be in rock band, he has had so many awards, etc. so I really lost my respect for him, when I found his Australian born wife also wears the burqa.


His profile is really interesting reading - so what could make this bloke tick - why, when he is so smart, and his wife is smart - why do they go down this religion track. I just don't get it.


I have heard that one of Mohamad's wives, concubine, I don't know what, was nine years old????? Is this true.




I will start from the bottom, yes, Aysha was his best-friend's daughter and she was 9-year old when he married her... he was 53. (btw, he liked Aysha more than any other wife he had)


But, the funny part is, although in all Islamic and Arabic cultures this was (and still is in most regions) a disgusting act... Muslims brag about Mohamad's marriages including Aysha's. 

I have read many books trying to understand how people are accepting this, there is actually a 500-pages book that is called "Prophet's Wives" :) you should read it, it's funny. (and another one called "The Mothers of all Muslims") 


One more crazy fact, which most of the muslims don't know about... that "Zainab" who is Mohamad's wife (I think number 6) was his adopted son's wife... he asked him to divorce her so he can marry her.

Regarding the head covering, it's two parts: 

1. Religiously: and those are usually the minority. 

2. Traditionally: and those are the majority of women...  they can't take it off even if they want to. their families and society will torture them. even when they are in Australia, they live in their own society of Muslims. 

I have seen the kind of girls you see in Parramatta, those are the kind that is lost between the two cultures, but those are the open-minded Muslims... soon they will loose the head scarf, and hopefully the religion.

Waleed's profile looks like he is a hypocrite, a Muslim singer who forces his wife to burqa... this typical Islam, built on hypocricy and contradictions. (FYI: singing is not allowed in Islam, not even listening to songs)

I lost my respect to all religious people... long time ago.


but looking at the positive side, Islam is vanishing slowly in my region... although governments are having tough time doing that.. but it will eventually go away.

Welcome my friend. It is always great to meet another godless heretic. I must admit my deconversion followed a similiar path to yours. i was a christian untill i actualy sat down and read the bible, by the time I got to the end of that damn book there was just no way i could believe anymore, not without a labotomy atleast.





Hey John,



Now everytime i read a religious book i feel so stupid that at one point i believed this bullshit... and never questioned it.

This is great. I’m glad to see someone speaking about the Islamic side of things. Very informative! Looking forward to more. Welcome to TA!

Thank you Rick.

Please let me know if you have any specific topics about Islam you would like to know about... this way would be much more easier for me than coming up with new topics :)


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