I will pray for you, and I pray that everyone who reads this web sight will repent. Hell is real my friend, believe me you don\'t

want to end up there.
JMJ Jesus Mary Joseph

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"...Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

So you see, they sort of have to be like little kids, or they're screwed...
prayer is something where religious people tell their god that they are more knowledgeable about the affairs going on than him; so he should take their advise and change his views.
did the Christ family email us this?
Look at the names!!
They MUST be real!
I will pray for you, and I pray that everyone who reads this web sight will repent. Hell is real my friend, believe me you don\'t want to end up there.

Thanks for you concern but I think I"ll just stick with focusing my energy on trying to help others out of their hells on earth in the here and now. They are verifiable and tangible and in many cases these people are where they are because of teachings like yours.
I actually support the idea of prayer as a form of positive thinking. I'm not religious, but I feel that positive thinking generally leads to a positive outcome. However, people saying "I'll pray for you to repent." is rarely anything other than a nice way of saying "I'm in the club and you're not, but I'll stand still and hope for you to get in."

Matthew, just curious, but what are you praying for? Are you praying that your imaginary friend violate our "free will" and force us to become christians or are you praying that your god provide us with the evidence we'll need to conclude that he actually exists? Let me also ask you why an all-loving god would require your prayers to do something that he could just as easily do without your prayers. If your god actually loved us atheists and actually wanted to avoid having to torture us eternally, then why would he wait for you to pray for us before taking action? My suggestion is that you saveyour prayers and just keep posting your silly attempts at apologetics as they at least have a chance.





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