I will pray for you, and I pray that everyone who reads this web sight will repent. Hell is real my friend, believe me you don\'t

want to end up there.
JMJ Jesus Mary Joseph

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Pray for me all you want. When your prayers aren't answered, like all your other prayers, will you still believe a god is listening?
Nothing fails like prayer.
What I like about christians when they talk about prayer is the self delusion. "My prayers were answered!!!"(probably prayed for the Sun to come up in the morning!) "So GOD is real!!!"

When the prayers are NOT answered (i.e. praying for something that doesn't just happen by itself anyway), well then the excuses come out...."It wasn't the right time!", "I wasn't sincere", "I was being selfish" It's quite funny in a sad sort of way.

I once had a discussion with a born again christian and his philosophy could be summarised as follows. When something good happens to him or in the world...GOD did it. When something bad happens, it was mankind's misuse of free will. It is amazing how unaware of the falliciousness (is that a word?) of his own thinking he is.

He also said that the poverty and suffering in the 3rd world was a test for Western Society. Nice one GOD!!
God's a real shithead, isn't he?
yup true!
I wonder how many Christians there would be without the threat of hell; I also wonder how many of our civil rights we would give up without the threat of terrorism.
"Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer." -Anon
lol I think I like you summer.
That's one thing that really gets me--using the bible as proof of the bible. I couldn't tell you how many idiots I've talked to who are either unwilling or incapable of understanding this simple concept: the bible is proof that the writers of the bible exist, not proof that god exists.

I've even done an exercise with one of my Christian friends by writing down something ridiculous on a sheet of paper, such as "Sparkles the ineffable ghostcat created the universe by coughing up a holy, cosmic hairball within which we feel his cuddly, purring indifference."

When they protest by saying I just made it up and can't use it as evidence of my claim, I'll point out that someone wrote down the garbage in the bible that they use as evidence. They'll say it's divinely inspired, then huff and puff something like "who are you to question the inspiration?" I'll reply by asking them the same thing, at which point they'll say I have an agenda and, when I concede that they're right about my agenda, DING DING DING, they'll be arguing the same for the authors of the bible.

What it illustrates is that using the source of a claim as evidence for the same is not a terribly productive way of arguing their case.
Really? Hell is real? You've seen it? Because if you did, I'd have to ask, how? If you were a good Christian shouldn't you never know what hell is?
BELIEVE you?...
Shiiiit man!, believing idiotic statements from closeted sociopaths is what got us in this mess in the first place!

I take that back, I can give this dude some credit because he AT LEAST claims that he will pray for you and wants to keep you AWAY from hell, as opposed to the many who get such a high thinking about the eternal torment of others.
"believe me" "to be honest" ( or "let's be honest") "in fairness". All phrases used by people who can't back up their claims.
Amen. for SHIT =P


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