There are international standards of weights and measures, even for the passage of time.

The gold standard for a moral, eternally abiding life now sits and the right hand of his Father.  

Diametrically opposed is the man of Sin, our natural proclivity and the spirit working in our minds and members. We sin as naturally and freely as water cascading down a water fall.

Our mouths, swear, our minds envy, covet and indulge in vilest most despicable imaginings. 

We are bitter, abusive, hateful,  coldhearted, murders, whisperers, callous, without natural affection, haughty, high minded, quick to anger, insufferable lot. Deserving all of the natural catastrophes that beset us, including AIDS, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. As AIDS spreads rapidly around the earth it becomes evident that everybody is sleeping with everyone across the whole planet. A sure marker of the moral turpitude that besets the earth. 

But a standard was born. Eat his flesh, drink his blood and let him abode in your mind and members that you may abide forever.

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What has all of this to do with the price of eggs in China, Michael ?

You must be acquainted with Revelation and with the book of Daniel as a prerequisite to register the historical significance  in the context I have spoken. There are two schools of eschatology prevailing in Theological academia. One is that the prophets were only speaking about their vantage point in history with the book of Daniel written after the fact by Hellenistic authors. And those that believe that future events were revealed by God.


Meh, humans aren't all that bad.
Michael, While I'm not a vegetarian, neither am I a cannibal. So I will not eat his mythical flesh or drink his mythical blood.   The earth has been experiencing floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. for countless millennia.  Get a life, it's the only one we get.   Ask yourself - what would be your religious convictions had you been born in India to Hindu parents ?  Take a bit of time to answer that. Read up on Hindu beliefs while you're at it.

The powers of darkness conquered the men of the megafauna world, both Cro-magnon and Neanderthal. they fell into cannibalism and shamanism as evident by the archaeological record.

Their world ended with a cataclysm and flash flood/freezing. Mammoths are found frozen in Seberia frozen alive with food in their mouths. All the animals named by these men at there genesis are gone. The haploid groups of the these men are not found among todays population because their world was destroyed and darkness was upon the face of the depths. The principalities of the air were victorious over these men. 

The principalities are still with us today, seeking our destruction. They are even present on the moon

"There are fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the earth"- Gandolf the Grey, Lord of the Rings.


They also perpetrated fake marian visitations.

Michael, Get a life - & a spelling book.
I found life. The question is, have you?


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