There are international standards of weights and measures, even for the passage of time.

The gold standard for a moral, eternally abiding life now sits and the right hand of his Father.  

Diametrically opposed is the man of Sin, our natural proclivity and the spirit working in our minds and members. We sin as naturally and freely as water cascading down a water fall.

Our mouths, swear, our minds envy, covet and indulge in vilest most despicable imaginings. 

We are bitter, abusive, hateful,  coldhearted, murders, whisperers, callous, without natural affection, haughty, high minded, quick to anger, insufferable lot. Deserving all of the natural catastrophes that beset us, including AIDS, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. As AIDS spreads rapidly around the earth it becomes evident that everybody is sleeping with everyone across the whole planet. A sure marker of the moral turpitude that besets the earth. 

But a standard was born. Eat his flesh, drink his blood and let him abode in your mind and members that you may abide forever.

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Malignity and distain flows out some atheist mouths like water.

Definitely not loving your neighbor as your self. Only Jesus can satisfy you. Only he can take a life and make it whole. 

Put on the man from Heaven, that you may be an imitator of him not, thoses destined for destruction.

Malignity and distain flows out some atheist mouths like water.

Yeah right, atheists are the ones who run around telling others that they will burn for eternity & that their future generations will have birth defects, short life spans & mental meagerness. <sarcasm/>

Posting nonsense on internet discussions will not make your god real. Recycle that dusty old rag you read & go read some science books. You will see that the universe is much more beautiful, much grander than it could ever be in your religion.

The universe is grand and beautiful but there is  also a moral order. Obviously no one can run your life but you. I want you to have life not death. The requirements are simple. Love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. Peace

The universe is grand and beautiful but there is  also a moral order.

God is not required for morality.

With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion.

-Steven Weinberg

My dogs listen to me because they know they get rewarded when they do. I have never used fear in training my dogs.


I may tell them to go lie down in the corner when they misbehave, but I have never hit them or threatened them with putting them inside a furnace and slamming the door and trapping them in there, to burn to death (and that's much more merciful than what many Christians' concept of God will allow to happen to non-believers).  



There is a reward no matter what you do. Eternal damnation is the reward for not loving your neighbor as your self and loving God with all your heart and soul. But if you were to do so much as to give one of his children a cup to drink, you will actually enter the Kingdom of the Father prepared for you before the foundations of the earth.

Can I recommend that you look into some materials on critical thinking, rhetoric and the scientific method? You are clearly lacking in those important skills. Spouting biblical nonsense without actually making a point does nothing to support your position, it only shows you to be delusional and possibly in need of medication.

Also: cragmire. That's a good one, I think I'll use that myself sometime. I think that would be a sticky spot on top of a cliff? Something climbers should beware!
I am completely versed in critical thinking. But faith is believing in the absurd despite the rallying accusations voiced by the wise of this world. To endure the indignation is a sacrifice in of its selves, but" by his stripes we are made whole." God chose the foolishness of  preaching to bring down the mighty.  Can a critical thinker ever say to the lame. "Get up and walk!"

Believing in absurdities and preaching foolishness isn't a virtue, it's just that: foolish.

You don't need to be able to think critically to not say to "the lame" to get up and walk, just a rudimentary sense of decency will suffice to protect you from such debased behavioral pathology.

You are a doubting Thomas. nothing wrong with that. This world is a cesspool of religious deception and nonsense. I too was a chip off the block of Atheism and critical thinking. The true villains are the wolves in sheep clothing shaking down the hoodwinked for their money in the name of saving their souls and meanwhile turning them unto twice the servants of sin than they are.

Sorry, but faith is believing in the absurd despite the ACTUAL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE VISIBLE EVERY DAY. We atheists aren't swapping one form of irrational belief for another, we're basing our beliefs on verifiable evidence & logic. Quoting liturgy at us does absolutely nothing to convince us, and simply illustrates your inability to think rationally.

As a critical thinker, I can say to the lame, "Get up and walk," all day long. But I'd be an asshole for saying it, and an idiot if I thought my words would actually achieve anything. Which are you?

Artor, even if you are an eye witness to faith healing, It is usually scientifically written off as spontaneous remission or a medical oddity. Even in the most substantiated cases the scientific conclusion is never, there is a God. It is impossible to prove the existence of the spiritual through any scientific observation. Our instrumentation is locked fixed in flatland.  The CERN LHC is man's most valiant attempt to peer beyond flatland. But the best hope of that experiment is to identify the "God particle", Higgs Boson.


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