There are international standards of weights and measures, even for the passage of time.

The gold standard for a moral, eternally abiding life now sits and the right hand of his Father.  

Diametrically opposed is the man of Sin, our natural proclivity and the spirit working in our minds and members. We sin as naturally and freely as water cascading down a water fall.

Our mouths, swear, our minds envy, covet and indulge in vilest most despicable imaginings. 

We are bitter, abusive, hateful,  coldhearted, murders, whisperers, callous, without natural affection, haughty, high minded, quick to anger, insufferable lot. Deserving all of the natural catastrophes that beset us, including AIDS, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. As AIDS spreads rapidly around the earth it becomes evident that everybody is sleeping with everyone across the whole planet. A sure marker of the moral turpitude that besets the earth. 

But a standard was born. Eat his flesh, drink his blood and let him abode in your mind and members that you may abide forever.

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An honest question about your stated beliefs, Michael.


Can you envision anything that will change your mind on this topic?

Truth is, if we must rely on dusty old books, we are dead men.

Christ has left a spiritual legacy such that if we commune with him we will become oracles of God, living books, with life flowing from our bellies.

If it weren't for a dusty old book, you might have never have even know about christ. Even if you had known about him, it would be like some folk tale recycled over generations. Religions do need their dusty old books. And by your reasoning, you are dead, as you do rely on a dusty old book.

Belief in god, an entity that created this universe & everything in it and following a religion are not the same things. Belief in god is an inherent part of religion but religion has a lot of added baggage and dogma. How to live your life, a whole list of things to do & and things not to do. Where does this excess baggage comes from? Dusty old books.

I was an atheist and slightly amoral. No nothing will ever change my mind now. "If the righteous are barely saved, where does the sinner and the wicked appear?"
Moreover many of us believers have had first hand experience with the supernatural as such, it is now impossible to turn a blinds eye to that experience.

If you had such an experience you too would have to come to terms with, what do you really believe?

What you claim as "first hand experiences with the supernatural" are actually delusions or hallucinations, Michael.


I wish there were a way of helping you join reality, but I do not think that is possible at this point. You're too far gone and since you've admitted nothing could ever change your mind on this topic, you are not rational and this is not a discussion. Make a note, everyone.

You make me laugh with your snap judgement.
"What you claim as "first hand experiences with the supernatural" are actually delusions or hallucinations,Michael."

The Apparitions Of The Blessed Holy Virgin Mary To Millions In The Coptic Orthodox Church Named After Her, In Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt (1968-1970). This apparition reappeared in 2009 You can find footage from the appearance in 1969-1970 on Youtube.

So I guess millions of people as you say are just seeing figments of their imaginations and are just plum crazy and in desperate need of a shrink.

I don't believe it is the Virgin, but a lie being perpetrated by the powers of darkness.

Lies perpetrated by the powers of darkness, these are my first hand experiences.

That video shows a light. It also shows the light going out. The point of origin appears to be a high window from a building just behind the church.


If instead of seeing a light you see virgins, Jesus, Vishnu, Thor, or lies perpetrated by the powers of darkness then yes, you are delusional.


Jewlz, Jewlz after all the admonishing about some Atheist resulting to malignity and name calling you have headstrong fit the mold and found yourself on the list of not so loving character traits. Not meriting a vote of confidence from above. Now that is out of your system read my second reply
I agree Jewelz. I think that Michael is trolling for lulz. Making stuff up.

@Michael - 

That video shows some light, with a interference pattern on the sides, that could look like arms. Nothing more.

Check out Young's double slit & single slit experiments and you'll see why that happens.

Science FTW

So you're equating Dogs to Humans? Dog behavior to human behavior? Are you nuts?

Also, are you saying its better to be ignorant that to be informed? Typical. Religion thrives on the ignorance of the masses. Instead of telling people to reason for themselves, it tells them to shut up & believe in whats told to them or suffer hell.

It is better not to rebel against the King of Heaven and Earth, less he cure you and the earth does not give you it's yield and you children suffer for your sins until the fourth generation. Cursing your lineage with birth defects, short life spans and mental meagerness.
Funny you should talk about mental meagerness. I think you suffer from it.


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