There are international standards of weights and measures, even for the passage of time.

The gold standard for a moral, eternally abiding life now sits and the right hand of his Father.  

Diametrically opposed is the man of Sin, our natural proclivity and the spirit working in our minds and members. We sin as naturally and freely as water cascading down a water fall.

Our mouths, swear, our minds envy, covet and indulge in vilest most despicable imaginings. 

We are bitter, abusive, hateful,  coldhearted, murders, whisperers, callous, without natural affection, haughty, high minded, quick to anger, insufferable lot. Deserving all of the natural catastrophes that beset us, including AIDS, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. As AIDS spreads rapidly around the earth it becomes evident that everybody is sleeping with everyone across the whole planet. A sure marker of the moral turpitude that besets the earth. 

But a standard was born. Eat his flesh, drink his blood and let him abode in your mind and members that you may abide forever.

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We speak of invisible, unseen things, a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the wise of this world.
There is a lot of things you don't see apparently, one of which is the need to try to be coherent even when wrong.
Cute, but only fluff and not promulgating salvation.
Salvation from what? As for fluff- your content-free post is pretty fluffy, or it would be if I understood your point. Did you have one?
How judgemental you are of people you don't even know.
God's judgement is already evident. Our earnest expectation is to avoid it.

I am an atheist. I only sleep with my wife (though not because I believe that safe sex is evil or causes problems other than jealousy and trust-breaking). I have never been in a real natural disaster, and have no severe illnesses, disorders, or other chronic health issues. I am not bitter, abusive, cold-hearted, callous, haughty, or even insufferable as far as I know. I have never murdered anyone, nor even killed anything bigger than a fish. I have natural affection for many people, including my family, friends, and other friendly and decent people. I do tend to whisper when it is polite, and I do consider myself to be "high-minded," but I don't really know what you mean by the term. I don't understand many parts of your post, because it is poorly written. I do, however, speak and write in a manner that is coherent and understandable. Furthermore, I have never proclaimed that anyone ever deserved AIDS, or any other tragic condition. To paraphrase the supposed saying of a man whose flesh and blood you claim to partake of, and who I must assume you trust in for salvation "before you try to remove the splinter from your neighbor's eye, remove the plank from your own...Judge not, that you be not judged." It is annoyingly predictable to see an incoherent post and automatically infer it is a religious person rambling. It is also annoyingly nonsensical that you think your argument, even if it were coherent, would be convincing to anyone. You have failed to provide an argument for your 'gold standard of morality,' and you have come to professed atheists to spout ignorant, absurd, presumptuous dogma.

My first urge is to call you out as a troll, but I know that is probably unlikely, given how many of your kind we have seen, and how long you have been around. Next, I wish I could somehow educate you, because it is tragic to see such an empty, confused mind poured out as digital gibberish. I almost move on to ignoring you, because I know you are ignorant and refuse to think differently; it would shatter your fragile little world if we could shine even a little light into your self-assured, naive, irrational bubble. I have been that ignorant, and I wish you could get just a small helping of the thirst for knowledge and truth I gained when I grew out of adolescence. So, I end up conflicted, knowing that chances are slim you will even bother to read such a wall of text. You are in a religious place that is so comfortable and such an intellectual desert that I doubt anyone here can speak any sense to you. Most of us know what it was like to be in your position; and how well the religious world supports your ignorance. I cannot ignore it though; you are a misled fool. I'm sorry you have not been better educated, and lack understanding. If you hang out here long enough, maybe you'll gain something. If nothing else, we might get some humor out of your nonsense.

An impressive discourse. Thanks for taken the time and energy to express your views.

Your views are completely coherent with the sentiments of the wise of this world. And my views utterly foolish  and incoherent. You have not told me anything new. This was prophesied from the beginning. 

The invisible things of God have been hidden from sinful man. He has sent the world strong spirits of delusions that it my believe a lie rather than the truth. The invisible things of God were once clearly understood by the things that are made. Then they change the image of an incorruptible God to that of four legged animals. As  result God give them over to do things that are not convenient. Men starting working with men that which is unseemly and even woman started lusting after each other, that they all may perish unless they turn to the Golden standard, as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness. Those who did not lift up their heads where bitten by  a torment of snakes and perished. 

I see you have taken it personally, but it is an indictment of the species in general.

They  knew that they must be obedient to their father despite not being as gods and knowing good and evil. A dog is obedient to it's master despite having no sense of good and evil.

In regard to who is responsible and how to get out of this cragmire, please read my responds to Dan

You can be obedient without knowledge. Look at any child.


And it is not hate seething but the wicked being warned and yet shown a new and living way.

Don't walk off that cliff!, is not a statement of hatred but love.
No that is not what's being said. Aids is God saying, Don't walk off that cliff! Aids  was spoken into existence specifically for disobedience, at large we are rebellious children.


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