I will be attending "The Big Questions" show on Sunday


The show has an hour long segment on BBC 1 between the hours of 10am and 11 am on Sunday mornings. This Sunday they will be filming from Cardiff, South Wales, UK my home town.


The show is split up into three, twenty minute segments, each with its own topic.


The three topics up for discussion on Sunday are as follows:-

1 - Is twenty four weeks to late to abort a foetus?

2 - Should we (as in the UK) spend less on overseas aid?

3 - Does prayer work?


Just in case you would like to know which audience member is me, my name is Jamie Hancock, I have dark curly hair that has grey showing (kids).!. My eyebrow hair is almost as large as Albert Einstein's.


Your comments are most welcome.

Kind regards


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That sounds pretty cool, I hope I've got a chance to watch it, but due to the one hour time difference I seem to miss all the good BBC programs. I try to take the time difference in account but somehow it still goes amiss.

Let me put my own thoughts on the matter here, maybe they're useful, maybe not.

1 - To me, that depends on whether the foetus or the mother is at risk of serious health issues or even death. If they (or one of them) are, abortion is never too late. If it's because of unwanted pregnancy… well, personally I wouldn't feel great about a relatively late abortion (I'm a male and not in a relation, so my opinions can be filed at the lower end of importance). But in the end, I think it is up to the parent(s) to decide what should happen to the foetus.

2 - I don't know how much you spend and where it goes to or where the money could be spent otherwise, so I don't have a clear-cut opinion of that.

3 - As far as I understand, it does not work in the mystical way of a god hearing and acting on it. But prayer clearly works when other people hear you and decide to act on it. For instance when someone prays for money for a project and people decide to donate to that project. Did the prayer work? Well, without the prayer, the donation wouldn't have been there and just asking for the money often shakes free less money than by praying for it (probably something to do with people wanting to do something for God or for their fellow men, however screwed that idea is). So in that sense, prayer works.

Have fun with the show Sunday.


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