This morning around 2 AM a girl that graduated from my high school was killed in a traffic accident. I found out later that morning around 7 AM. I go on to school and see many devastated people seeing as how she was very popular. I didn't know her, so I wasn't too upset.

Anyway I go up to a friend before classes start and say "This is going to be a long and bad day." Last that day in our second class I notice a girl walking toward that same friend and I. Me being an open atheist I get scrutinized a lot living in a very religious town. I was wondering what was going on and I notice a Bible in her hand. I could only think to myself "I know this would happen."

So she comes over to us and sits down in the floor next to our desks, gets her Bible out for everyone to see, looks me square in the eyes and says very loud "Why don't you believe in God?"

Long story short from here she tried to witness to me because she was "sadden by the death of the girl and felt God wanted her to reach out" and we had a debate right there in class, 3 vs. 1(me being the 1), about religion.

I was just wondering if any other people have similar stories or things of the like that have happened to them.

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Every Saturday I'm involved a in Christian Touring Choir put on by my Voice Teacher/Chorus Director. It's non-denominational. Most of my atheist friends are amazed by the fact that I can sit through the constant preaching, praying, and worshiping a god I don't believe in. Every week I sit through it because I love the people. I've been in the choir 3 years and everyone knows that I'm a "practicing" atheist and only on a few occasions has someone tried to preach directly to me. Everyone knows that I am and treats me no differently.

We're all lost, especially them, but I'm just out there trying to preach the good word of a guy named Jesus who's whole idea was that no one kill each other. No, he didn't save us or die for our sins, but he gave us a great book that tells you a great way to live. Being atheist should never mean that you ignore what some great philosophers had to tell us, no matter what they preached about the afterlife. The stuff they said about our lives are priceless.

In response to the post, I have been preached to before and most of the time I just tell them that I'm atheist. I don't try to knock down their religion because for some, like my girlfriend, that's all that keeps them living day to day and who are we to take that from them? Who are we to deny them the only happiness they let themselves have on this earth? Now, if they start to tell me I'm wrong, I'll knock them down, but if they just accept it like I accept them, we continue on with our lives.
Some years ago, not too long after my brother and I had graduated from high school, our family (parents, bro and I) moved from our home town to the town I live in now. Like night and day. Grew up outside of Philly, now in the sticks of Maine. So of course family and friends wanted to visit and see where we'd gone. Well, some very close friends of the family came to visit, and decided they wanted to go shopping. They asked us kids if we wanted to go and, as we never really went anywhere interesting, we jumped at the chance. The nearest town where there was any "shopping" was an hour away. We weren't 20 minutes out of the driveway when they started to tell us about the "good news". Bro and I just kept looking at each other, wondering what we'd done to deserve this. We weren't brought up religious at all. Apart from the times we'd joined clubs at school (whose mission was not obvious) or went with friends to a group meeting (duped into going, more like, because the subject of the meetings never came up before we got there), this was the first time someone we thought we'd known well actively tried to "save" us. Trapped in a car. Listening to how things were pointing to armageddon. And all I could think was, "If they stop this car, armageddon outta here!" Oh dear. We finally got to the shopping center and the "teaching moment" was over. They didn't repeat it on the hour drive back home. It was very surreal.


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