I was recently informed that atheists have no morals. Thoughts?

I was informed by a coworker who did not know I was atheist that atheists have no morals. After I nicely told him I was an atheist, he awkwardly looked at me and shut up. My supervisor got angry and told me I was being offensive. Apparently, it's okay to label an entire group of people as immoral, but it's not okay to simply state your lack of religion.

I would like to know what you say when people call you immoral or what you would day if someone said this to you. I'm just wondering in general, not necessarily in a work setting. I live in the Bible Belt, so this comes up in my life more often than one would expect.

*Sorry for any typos. I'm on my tablet.

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Well, we were talking about tattoos and good tattoo artists in the area and I asked what could be done to change a cross tattoo into something else because I know someone who would like to do that. They said that sounded sacrilegious, so I said he's an atheist so it doesn't matter. Someone commented "he must have gotten the tattoo back when he had morals." And that's where it went downhill. Lol, kind of a silly story in my opinion. People are so quick to judge.






** The atheist is the immoralist

"Jesus said to his Jews, 'Love God as I love him, as his son, what are morals to us sons of God?'" Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil section 164.

Whoever is different is frightening. The denier of the gods (going back well before xianity) brings disaster upon the entire group. If you're not prepared to be expelled from the herd, better be a hypocrite or develop a thick skin. Also, you'll be mistrusted -- your work relations will suffer. Being an atheist has unpleasant social consequences. There are plenty of god-proxies in the world who'll cheerfully use prejudice as a way to get ahead at your expense. Know what you're doing -- the US in particular is a very dangerous place for atheism.

RE: "the US in particular is a very dangerous place for atheism" - not nearly as much so as in Islamic countries. But as the "abnormal" becomes more common, it ceases to be abnormal.

Perhaps, but who wants to hang with a bunch of the lord's sheep anyways? A few free-thinking friends are way better than having to suppress a face-palm every few minutes.

Gets to the nitty gritty at about 30 minutes and at 40 ish minutes is the crux of it  maybe post this for your co worker friend ...


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