I was recently informed that atheists have no morals. Thoughts?

I was informed by a coworker who did not know I was atheist that atheists have no morals. After I nicely told him I was an atheist, he awkwardly looked at me and shut up. My supervisor got angry and told me I was being offensive. Apparently, it's okay to label an entire group of people as immoral, but it's not okay to simply state your lack of religion.

I would like to know what you say when people call you immoral or what you would day if someone said this to you. I'm just wondering in general, not necessarily in a work setting. I live in the Bible Belt, so this comes up in my life more often than one would expect.

*Sorry for any typos. I'm on my tablet.

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If I have the chance to grill them before they find out I'm an atheist I dig into their personal life and find out what immoral things they have done.  Then you just have to call them out on everything and prove that they themselves are not nearly as moral as they think.  Finishing touches is to rub in all the good things you do despite being an atheist. I have a squeaky clean moral record and donate to needy families at xmas, and that is usually enough to make my point that atheists can be, and usually are, more moral than religious people.

Haha, I'll remember that one.

I would simply say, "yeah, those atheists are something. Hey, I also heard that a lot of these Christians prejudge non-believers by saying that they have no morals, but keep that quiet between us. You know how defensive Christians can be." Then I would just watch the confused look on his face as he puts two and two together lol.

Easy one, I love that one. Ask them: Is God good? If they yes, then that means that good and wrong comes outside God therefore an atheist could be good. If they say no, then the evil people who emanate from God are them.
I think you also should read this genuis piece by Penn Jillette: http://t.co/wefH2a85

I like this. I've read quotes from this before, but not the whole thing. Thanks!

I've also been told that "atheists worship satan and are evil" to which I promptly said that I was an atheist and that the statement was ignorant. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a good person, I help others where I can and I like to be selfless when given the chance. So when I told this person I was an atheist he just looked at me like, "but... you can't be... that's impossible... does... not... compute" to which his head then exploded lol.

My brother also is a very good person and dated an extremely strong christian at one stage who also couldn't understand that he was an atheist but he was smart and he was a good person. Needless to say they didn't work out because she couldn't manage to get her head around it.

I generally say, "If all of a sudden you had no god, or didn't believe in god, would you feel that it's ok for you to go around murdering people?" Most people tend to act confused and say that they wouldn't do it. To which you say, "Then why would I do it?" Then just to rub it in say that a very low percentage (probably less than 10%) of atheists are in prison. The rest are all theists.

"to which his head then exploded lol."http://www.cool-smileys.com/images/288.gif


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