No.. seriously. It will be great.

I know a lot of people that are active in "The Lifestyle" (does the label amuse you, too? I mean, "The Lifestyle" hardly makes sense, but everyone seems to claim it. Like S&M so much you live it on a daily basis? You're living "The Lifestyle." Have an open relationship? It's "The Lifestyle" I mean, the title must be a catch-all phrase for anything most folks don't do.)

Now, I don't particularly feel comfortable having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend, (Though we can negotiate if he is present!) but I'm cool when and if other people do. Three-way marriages, live in subs.. hey, whatever makes you all happy, right? Right. Live your life to the fullest.
But with my upcoming nuptials (Which I still haven't found an officiant for, btw. *Shameless plug begging for help* ) I was thinking that it would be handy to have a few other wives around the house.
I mean, come on! I'm working two jobs, trying to find time to develop my writing, bringing up/training a Search and Rescue puppy, cooking and shopping for myself, my boyfriend, my roommate, and yes...the dog. (He gets home made meals, too.) Lately it's been the roommate's girlfriend as well. And believe me, with the exception of my boyfriend, NO ONE cleans up after themselves.
Sex? Well, I'm willing to share him, but don't get your hopes up. He's so busy and stressed that putting out is a rare venture. It's nearly impossible with such a crowded house. Like I said before. We can discuss it later, but sex is the LAST reason for another wife/husband.

Think about all the benefits added spouses can bring:
Another income.
Extra hands around the house.
Shared puppy sitting duties.
Someone to talk to about the others.
Someone to talk to the others when you want alone time.

Polyamorous relationships just make so much sense. The only hold up I have with polygamy is the fact that it's usually tied to some misogynistic religious crap.
So let's start a commune.
We are going to need a bigger house....maybe an island somewhere. I'm cool with that... as long as it has internet access.
Who's with me?
What are your ideas on polygamy?
What's your ideal "Lifestyle"
What would you like or dislike about it?
How would you divide up the jobs?
(I'll pitch in with the cooking and gardening as well as hold down one job. You folks call dibs on the rest.)
What rules would you set in place to keep the peace?


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And believe me, with the exception of my boyfriend, NO ONE cleans up after themselves.

This is why I cannot live with other people.
(Sigh....) Am I the only one here old enough to remember "families" and "communes" of the late sixties? Tell you do it and I'll drop in to observe/do research.....sort of a modern day Margaret Mead.
Desota, buy some clipboards & I'll have t-shirts made. We can observe, collate data, summarize and make zillions when we publish! do you COOK sushi? Just curious... :-)
According to this t-shirt, Polyamorous is wrong (I've waited a week to pull this off). All human activity seems to follow this expression: IF it seems like a good idea THEN you will regret it later. I would rather have strained relationships with random neighbors I keep at arms length.
According to this t-shirt, Polyamorous is wrong...
Lol! It's not a moral issue, it's a classical language travesty!
I am getting that for a friend.
Great find!

I googled Atheist commune and this was the first link that popped up!

Was just thinking about it at coffee.

Sounds good to me, I like to think I have things to bring to the table.  Plenty of video games and movies.  Enough books to start a decent library.  A job making decent money.

I live in Wyoming, there's plenty of land out here. lol

We started homebrewing.
Now I have something to offer!
Ok. I almost think we should make a group for this and come up with a plan.
I mean, it is all just an exercise.
But I am honestly curious.
How many atheists DOES it take to screw in a to speak.
How many. What professions?
What personality types?

Well it takes 0 Atheists to screw in a light bulb you just tell the Christian that if they don't screw it in they're going to hell.

Hell you'd need all kinds of professions and enough people to keep everything running smoothly.  Doctors, dentists, architects, constructors, agriculturists, scientists, entertainers (not necessary but fun), teachers (if there will be kids) and many others I suppose, that don't come to mind at the moment.

I imagine it's all just a pipe dream but it's a nice thought.  I figure the best start would be atheists moving closer together and just being in a close nit community or neighborhood.

I say we just take over libraries.. lol

I kind of have a mixed opinion of polyamory.  Yes, there is a lot of religious bullshit (on both sides of the fence) for the number of wives you have, their roles, and how you treat them; but even aside from that, there is this notion that seems to be at least prevalent, if not actually universal, that if you take multiple partners, especially if you are the only one who benefits (usually sexual benefit is considered first), it is not only selfish of you, but also implies that you can't make a serious commitment to anybody.


The other side of this is pretty much everything mentioned above- shared responsibilities, shared social interaction.  More hands on any given job, etc.  but I really think that unless all people in a given relationship are actually sexual partners, it's something to avoid, because without a very serious relational commitment to everybody in the relationship, if and when kids come into play, everybody splits things up and tries to get their own genes the best deal; this is the evident problem with polygamy in the muslim world and in much of Africa. 


The other problem with polygamy is that there is always some 'heirarchy' of 'I was fucking him first, so I have authority over you'.  there's no real way to get rid of this, and so any modern hominid is going to butt heads with this at some point- lets face it, we all take every advantage we can get in a fair fight, and this is just one of the many points of leverage that will be used.  If you're fine with a pecking order, great; otherwise, it's something I'd avoid altogether.  Also note that this has been the structure of polygamy in various cultures for thousands of years, for example in china (where polygamy really never died out but only slowed down heavily after being propagandized by the communists as 'typical proletariat/bourgeois' behavior and subsequently being banned, leading to a structural change from one house with many wives to multiple households with one wife each, normally in different provinces or villages).


Sooooo... I'd be skeptical.  I want more data on if this is really practical or possible in a long-term relationship, and what the dangers and obstacles are (both socially and in terms of in-group interaction), because ironically, sex isn't something to fuck with.


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