No.. seriously. It will be great.

I know a lot of people that are active in "The Lifestyle" (does the label amuse you, too? I mean, "The Lifestyle" hardly makes sense, but everyone seems to claim it. Like S&M so much you live it on a daily basis? You're living "The Lifestyle." Have an open relationship? It's "The Lifestyle" I mean, the title must be a catch-all phrase for anything most folks don't do.)

Now, I don't particularly feel comfortable having sex with anyone other than my boyfriend, (Though we can negotiate if he is present!) but I'm cool when and if other people do. Three-way marriages, live in subs.. hey, whatever makes you all happy, right? Right. Live your life to the fullest.
But with my upcoming nuptials (Which I still haven't found an officiant for, btw. *Shameless plug begging for help* ) I was thinking that it would be handy to have a few other wives around the house.
I mean, come on! I'm working two jobs, trying to find time to develop my writing, bringing up/training a Search and Rescue puppy, cooking and shopping for myself, my boyfriend, my roommate, and yes...the dog. (He gets home made meals, too.) Lately it's been the roommate's girlfriend as well. And believe me, with the exception of my boyfriend, NO ONE cleans up after themselves.
Sex? Well, I'm willing to share him, but don't get your hopes up. He's so busy and stressed that putting out is a rare venture. It's nearly impossible with such a crowded house. Like I said before. We can discuss it later, but sex is the LAST reason for another wife/husband.

Think about all the benefits added spouses can bring:
Another income.
Extra hands around the house.
Shared puppy sitting duties.
Someone to talk to about the others.
Someone to talk to the others when you want alone time.

Polyamorous relationships just make so much sense. The only hold up I have with polygamy is the fact that it's usually tied to some misogynistic religious crap.
So let's start a commune.
We are going to need a bigger house....maybe an island somewhere. I'm cool with that... as long as it has internet access.
Who's with me?
What are your ideas on polygamy?
What's your ideal "Lifestyle"
What would you like or dislike about it?
How would you divide up the jobs?
(I'll pitch in with the cooking and gardening as well as hold down one job. You folks call dibs on the rest.)
What rules would you set in place to keep the peace?


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Dude.. as long as you do laundry, you can set whatever boundaries you want.
Like I said.. I'm not really too comfortable with the sex aspect, but there are plenty of other needs to be filled.
Pick something you are good at and just focus on that.
I called dibs on cooking and gardening.
How about you do the cooking on Monday, Tuesday and Friday?
I have extra hours at my first job on Monday... work both jobs in Tuesday and would love to have something made for me to kick off the weekend.
Sound fair?
Marry me Jeff, I've given up on finding a woman that can cook like that for me.
You know, I was having a very similar discussion with my roommate the other day about having an atheist commune! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there who thinks that way.
I don't suppose you have a private island at your disposal that you're willing to donate?
No, but there seem to be a lot of them for sale.
So, we can try to get this money together or we try to find a generous athetist billionaire which buys us an island. :)
Anyone have BIll Gates' number? :)
I've always said that if I was to win the lottery, I'd buy me an island.
Golly, if I did! As Dave pointed out, there are several for sale.

This one looks pretty good.
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who enjoyed looking at the islands on that site.


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