A friend of mine sent me this and I kinda agree with him. Your thoughts?

I voted for Obama, but I have given up on him in regard to the Constitution. He is a liar. He lied on FISA, promising to filibuster it before he voted FOR it, and since elected he has thrown every single Constitutional campaign promise under the bus, culminating in this most recent charade of show trials for Guantanamo terrorists.

As Glenn Greenwald succinctly puts it; Obama's new system, which he outlined in a speech as President and Holder is now implementing, guarantees that the government wins no matter what.

If the government can convict in civilian court, they go there for the publicity. If not, they go to a military conviction. If they cannot get a conviction there, they reserve the right to "preventively detain indefinitely" anybody, without a trial, without charges, forever.

You see, they have no evidence but somehow are magically certain that 75 people being held at Guantanamo are guilty. Why? Because they tortured confessions out of them.

On top of ALL that, Holder just said publicly that if KSM were somehow acquitted (nearly impossible since he freely and gleefully confessed on tape before ever being tortured) the government would HOLD HIM ANYWAY under the preventive detention program.

So this is our new justice system: No matter what evidence there is, even without any evidence at all, the result is that you stay in jail.

That is not justice. The trials, whether civilian or military, cannot change the outcome. The sentence of life imprisonment is already decided and no verdict can alter it. That is the definition of a show trial, one that is guaranteed to punish the person on trial.

It is against the Constitution, and against the basic principles of human rights everywhere. Bush, Cheney, and now Obama and Holder have turned America into a third world banana republic, replete with show trials and massive corruption, and a caste system in which the politicians and the wealthiest citizens get blatantly subservient and preferential treatment by government agencies, by the courts, by the police, and even by the citizens they are robbing.

I was fooled. Obama is no defender of the Constitution, he has actively continued and even extended the Constitutional breaches of Bush and Cheney, explicitly endorsed the Imperial Presidency they advocated, and now only pays lip service to his poor deluded supporters about how nobody is above the law.

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It is the way of the world, my dear. The older you get, the more you become "at peace" with this.

That is why people must always fight bitterly, fight tooth and nail to not give up any of the rights you have. There is no such thing as a "temporary" restriction of rights. Once a branch of the government - any form of government - has increased their power even by the slightest of margins you will never, EVER get that back from them. The simple fact is that it's convenient. It is convenient for the United States government to be able to brand any person a terrorist and not give any concern to those annoying miranda rights and such. There are precious few politicians in any country that would willingly give up that kind of power and the few that would will never be allowed into a position of significant power by the party task masters of America's Democratic or Republican Party.

Also, in Obama's defence, Republicans and Conservatives would lambaste him if he were to scale back DoJ powers when it comes to "fighting" the farce that is the "War" on Terror. Glen Beck would start crying again and Dick Cheney would be on Fox 2 hours later where he and Sean Hannity would have the first ever publicly televised simultaneous heart attack. Think I'm exaggerating? These are the same people that tried to claim he "shamed" our country by bowing to the Japanese emperor, a tradition that is as central to Asian culture as a handshake in the United States. This is the type of climate he has to juggle. Even if he WANTED to end the type of practices you're talking about (which I don't believe he does and never did) it would be political suicide to do so (and possibly real life suicide judging by how crazed and fanatical some of these "Tea Party" maniacs are.)

And he hasn't backed down on "every single Constitutional campaign promise." That's just an out-and-out lie there and bald-faced decision to utterly ignore the fact that one of the big reasons these people are being put on trial is to get the criminal procedures over so they can be shipped to a SuperMax in the middle of nowhere to rot and be forgotten - thus getting them OUT of Guantanamo so we can CLOSE Guantanamo - one of Obama's main campaign promises. He's also put a definitive end to torture practices (at least authorized ones, I'm sure it still happens, that will never go away, especially after 8 years of an administration more than happy to turn the other way while it took place), another campaign promise he followed up on.

In fact, since you brought it up I don't recall Obama ever saying anything about putting an end to the whole "enemy combatant/terrorist, infinite detention" lingo made famous in the Bush year's. Frankly I think the author of this is accusing him of breaking a promise he never made (though I'd be happy to retract that statement if someone could provide me a link to somewhere that he did state he'd repeal those Bush policies.)

People are WAY too harsh on Obama - both sides. I mean it hasn't even been an entire year yet and people see nothing wrong with complaining about the fact that he hasn't yet managed to correct DECADES of bad policy in his first 10 months in office. "Sure, he's closing Guantanamo, nobody really doubts that he's worked miracles for the US' reputation in the middle east and around the world, he has begun the end of the War In Iraq, passed a historic Stimulus bill in the face of FIERCE conservative opposition, and looks set to FINALLY get Health Care reform done despite even fiercer conservative opposition - but what about gay rights? Why hasn't he repealed Don't Ask, Don't Tell yet? And how come we haven't completed converted our energy infrastructure to wind and solar power yet? And why hasn't he managed to fix every single aspect of a disasterous economy? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Where are the boosted financial regulations? And while you're at it could you turn this here water into wine and walk across that there lake to get back my baseball that floated out there?

People's demands of this man are absolutely insane. Calm down and let the man do his job. We're 10 months into a 4 year term, he's not the fucking messiah. He can only do so much at one time.

My only complaint so far is that Tim Geithner still has a job. That man is way TOO concerned about Wall Street and appears completely UNconcerned about what's happening on Main Street. Yeah the markets are doing great. They're doing great because all the big shot corporations are posting huge profits - which they earned by FIRING the 10% of this country's citizens that currently sit unemployed. Arianna Huffington actually had an excellent blog on Huff Post today about how unemployment could become Obama's Katrina if he's not careful. Check it out, should ring true to everyone regardless of party affiliation or ideology.
What is a "Constitutional Campaign Promise"?
Isn't a "constitutional" a walk or stroll?
I find myself not caring one way or the other about Obama. I'm happy with this. After 8 years of a president that I intensely LOATHED with every ounce of my being, I'm happy to have a president who does little or nothing. While I certainly never would have harmed or even wished harm on Bush, I have to honestly say that I would have been happy if he'd dropped dead in office. I consider the man a mass murderer and Obama will have my eternal thanks for being in office instead of the McSame old thing all over again.
galenm , i know what you mean, I hate the right wing concervstive goverments of thatcher and major. When the Labour party got in with blair I was overjoyed, just about the whole of Scotland had street parties, anyway as the years went on Mr Blair became more of a right wanker but I would still prefer the left of centre and centre policies of New Labour ( dead now under brown ) or labour than any for of right wing conservative tory goverment.

I do had right wing views but my heart is with the peope and not profit.

"You see, they have no evidence but somehow are magically certain that 75 people being held at Guantanamo are guilty. Why? Because they tortured confessions out of them."

Torture is terrible, it shouldn't be practiced by anyone anywhere ever(my opinion). People that order or execute the act should be held accountable(my opinion). KSM confessed before he was tortured in a regular interrogation(fact). That's evidence(fact). I don't know the other evidence against him(fact), but considering that New York already has a pending case against him for involvement in the 90's bombing attempt(fact), I would be shocked to find out there was "no [other] evidence"(fact, really I would be).
Ralph Nader 2012
I'm not disapointed in him yet. The man inherited hell. He has already improved our world standing which had taken quite a beating. Don't listen so much to the right wingnuts. They think we're the devil anyway. And just because someone says they are a liberal who voted for obama doesn't make it true. I imagine that email started as ringwingnut propaganda.
I am satisfied that Obama is doing what he can where he can.

Think of it like genetics - either a gene or it's allele is expressed. There are not lots of other options. The choice was Obama or McCain -- peas with either red flowers or blue flowers. You know what red flowers are like, so you picked blue this time.

By the way, the next time you get to choose the red flowers will be much more noxious than they were last time.
Hey, even Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus.


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