A friend of mine sent me this and I kinda agree with him. Your thoughts?

I voted for Obama, but I have given up on him in regard to the Constitution. He is a liar. He lied on FISA, promising to filibuster it before he voted FOR it, and since elected he has thrown every single Constitutional campaign promise under the bus, culminating in this most recent charade of show trials for Guantanamo terrorists.

As Glenn Greenwald succinctly puts it; Obama's new system, which he outlined in a speech as President and Holder is now implementing, guarantees that the government wins no matter what.

If the government can convict in civilian court, they go there for the publicity. If not, they go to a military conviction. If they cannot get a conviction there, they reserve the right to "preventively detain indefinitely" anybody, without a trial, without charges, forever.

You see, they have no evidence but somehow are magically certain that 75 people being held at Guantanamo are guilty. Why? Because they tortured confessions out of them.

On top of ALL that, Holder just said publicly that if KSM were somehow acquitted (nearly impossible since he freely and gleefully confessed on tape before ever being tortured) the government would HOLD HIM ANYWAY under the preventive detention program.

So this is our new justice system: No matter what evidence there is, even without any evidence at all, the result is that you stay in jail.

That is not justice. The trials, whether civilian or military, cannot change the outcome. The sentence of life imprisonment is already decided and no verdict can alter it. That is the definition of a show trial, one that is guaranteed to punish the person on trial.

It is against the Constitution, and against the basic principles of human rights everywhere. Bush, Cheney, and now Obama and Holder have turned America into a third world banana republic, replete with show trials and massive corruption, and a caste system in which the politicians and the wealthiest citizens get blatantly subservient and preferential treatment by government agencies, by the courts, by the police, and even by the citizens they are robbing.

I was fooled. Obama is no defender of the Constitution, he has actively continued and even extended the Constitutional breaches of Bush and Cheney, explicitly endorsed the Imperial Presidency they advocated, and now only pays lip service to his poor deluded supporters about how nobody is above the law.

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I'm not disappointed in Obama, I voted for him because I was convinced he would do a hell of a better job than McCain would have done (and I still think McCain would have been a worse choice) - but even in voting for him I always knew he's a politician. I think a lot of people forgot that during his campaign. He's a politician, he's going to go back on some, if not most, of his promises, and obviously is. He's not a fantastic president, but who really is/was? I'm not disappointed because I never had incredibly high expectations to begin with. It's always about the lesser of the two evils in politics unfortunately. There's never a "good" guy.

On a semi-related note, I do think McCain would have gone back on less of his promises, but I disagree incredibly strongly with the promises he was making.
I am really sadden by our country to have people think palin is ready to be president. I do think Obama is playing some calculated chess moves. Time will tell.

McCain would have been another...

You are right there is never a "good" guy.
The real ring of Sauron, had the writing on the inside!
Quit flirting with me.
I never thought Bill would be so rough with a fellow right winger. Im so used to him being a jackass.
Oh man, it hurts to listen to her.

And I am shocked about Bill. He's still an idiot, but I give him props for not simply being a talking head with softball questions here. But maybe the Right knows that she has no viability as a candidate on a national level.
As sad as it is that there never is a "good" guy, if it comes down to Palin vs. Obama, there's absolutely no contest.
It's always about the lesser of the two evils in politics unfortunately.

Yeah, it's the forces of darkness vs. the evil ones!
I wish I had something to add, but completely agree. But, I couldn't vote for Obama or McCain. I voted for Nader and I would again given the same option, I don't want to vote for the lesser of two evils.
Now you have your very own Tony Blair, politicians will say and do anything. That is from a UK viewpoint.

take care georgous

Interesting look.


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