I've been listening to Xian music recently. Just for fun

Have any of you guys found a time in your life where you wanted to go through common religious traditions just to see what it's like, what the hype is all about, or just for a good laugh? 

For instance, I have started listening to Xian music and laughing so loudly at how bad and cheesy it is. 

I also go to church with my gf on occassion out of respect for her and in order to appease her mother. I enjoy church though because it's like watching a scary movie. She's catholic btw. 

Uhm.. a little while ago I read a bit of the bible, only made it to where like God murdered that entire city because the citizens wanted to rape the angels. It was like page 60 or something. 

Do any of you do this?

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Heck, I listen to Christian radio all the time! It's mostly sermons. I like to pick them apart, but mostly they're kind of uncontroversial and bland. I sometimes wish there was more creationist stuff so that I could have a meatier target. There's also this show with Jay Sekulow about vicious right-wing politics that just pisses me off. The most telling part is how, after every single sermon, the pastor of the church that produces the segment asks for donations, sometimes soliciting them by offering a book or pamphlet, usually with the line, "yours free with a gift of any amount".


The even more fascinating thing is that in the off-hours, they play infomercials, and occasionally it's "invest in gold" but typically it's some kind of BS snake-oil nutritional product. Apparently pseudoscience appeals to the Christian audience. Who would have thought? (Me.)

That pseudoscience is so true! I was driving to Tulsa jamming "House Fm best of xian rock" and for an hour they talked about giving up traditional medicines and healing through donation to some other charity. I have no idea how they back these ideas up, or even more how people actually believe this stuff.

I am like you though, I love when they have the sermons on the radio. I love love love to pick all of it apart and laugh out loud. My non atheist friends hate riding in my car.

My guilty pleasure is watching the religious channels late at night when I can't sleep, and chuckling to myself.


Some religious music is hilarious. Whenever something shitty happens, I usually start singing "Our God Is An Awesome God" lol!

Jewelz hahah I do that too! I want to do it now because I'm bored as catholic priest in a girls dormitory.

This is my most favorite religious song. Ever.

Wow!  I want some of whatever she's been smoking.

Oh-dontcha-knoo? It's the 'S'pirit! Pentecost, baby!

almost as good as...



You probably get more religious exposure than I do, then! I'm Catholic, but I never listen to Christian music or read 'Catholic' books. I only go to mass about once a month.I guess I get a lot of exposure in my day-to-day life, though, because I live in a pretty Catholic country.

Funny how that works.

I agree, a lot of Christian music is very laughable.
What drives you to go to mass once a month? 
My family goes, as do most of the people I know. It's very social, at least at the cathedral that I go to. Also, it's a very old cathedral (built around 1100 AD) and it's quite soothing to sit in their and listen to the singing and enjoy all the art. I enjoy going to confession, although mostly I just end up chatting with the priest

Basically, even though I'm not rigidly Catholic in my beliefs, I enjoy Catholic culture.

Reminds me of a video of a "rap" performance at a christian mega church....they performed their song "Christian side hug", a gangster rap about how christian kids should only hug to the side to avoid the feeling of the opposite sex pressing against their front. SO hardcore!


Edit: MxPx is pretty good too....only recently did I realise they are a christian band.


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