I've been listening to Xian music recently. Just for fun

Have any of you guys found a time in your life where you wanted to go through common religious traditions just to see what it's like, what the hype is all about, or just for a good laugh? 

For instance, I have started listening to Xian music and laughing so loudly at how bad and cheesy it is. 

I also go to church with my gf on occassion out of respect for her and in order to appease her mother. I enjoy church though because it's like watching a scary movie. She's catholic btw. 

Uhm.. a little while ago I read a bit of the bible, only made it to where like God murdered that entire city because the citizens wanted to rape the angels. It was like page 60 or something. 

Do any of you do this?

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I've never even seen a synagogue with my own eyes before lol 0.o"

having grown up in a very secular household, my folks always left religion for me to figure out, so i've been through paganism, christianity, and read and explored most of the other world religions at one time or another. the older i get the stronger my atheist beliefs become, however, i truely love to attend xmas eve services at the local catholic church, it does seem a little hypocritical on my behalf, it does seem very much like some kind of scary movie, but i do it occasionally just to hear the bell choir! so yes, i have indulged in some orgainized religion, but i tend to think of it as keeping an eye on the other side, as an atheist and musician i can throw out the dogma and hypocrisy, and enjoy it in the spirit that it's meant.

I've always thought it was funny how much faith based rock bands talk about Jesus being accepting when if they were really being honest to themselves they would know they would end up in the fires of eternal damnation like the rest of us non believers and supposed sinners. Somehow I don't think death metal and Jesus can co-exist.

Music is music.  You hang around too many southern preachers.  It is like a knife.  Use it to cut the cheese or cut someone's throat.  It is neither good or bad till it is used.

I live with all these folkloric stuff each time I see relatives, so little exploration I need to do. LOL

You guys just gotta find the right xtian bands.  Skillet ROCKS! :)

I dislike much of christian music too.  You hit it on the head with it being cheesy, not to mention unrelatable.


It was actually four cities whose ruins are available today to visit today.  The cities were not destroyed because the inhabitants wanted to rape them, but because of the things those cities did such as public torture for inhabitants who helped strangers.  The decision to destroy the cities according to Genesis came before their visit and not because of sodomy as many Christian pastors will attest.

there is an xian group at my high school. me and a couple of friends occasionally come long, one because i've got an xian friend and because it's fun to laugh at. just apply a bit of logic and you can make a really funny arguement. such as: 1 jesus was not aware of his divinity; 2 all babies are born atheists; 3 therefore jesus was an atheist. They did not like this although I felt quite proud of myself.

I when through a phase a few years back when I listerned to xian radio station but quickly got sick of the music. Although it did speed my transition to godless rock. Really if it wasn't for religion I would not be the skeptic I am now. Thank you religion for making me a better person, even though I completely disassembled and rejected you.

I'm listening to the bible... yes, listening. At biblegateway.com. I've gotten through 12 books, I'm now at Corinthians 1.

I only listen to it when I'm really, really, really bored and have NOTHING else to do.



Who reads it..? Is it some famous evangelical?

Well there are different readers, Max McLean, Dale McConachie, Paul Mims... I don't know if they're "famous" or not. And there's a dramatized version of it that's done as a radio show... that's the one I listen to.


I enjoy bluegrass (most bluegrass is predominately Christian) from the 1930s-1950s.  I also like Garrison Keillor. 


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