He also wants to be a Jesuit Priest. We had a really good discussion about it all. His views on religion are eerily anti religious. For example, he knows prayer doesn't do anything, but he still prays anyways. He recognizes the burden of proof is on him, and doesn't have any, but still believes because he thinks its the right thing to do. 
He did bring up a few good points that had me somewhat stumped.*Where did consciousness come from? A little research this morning told me it was an emergent quality of the brain, but I don't quite understand that. Laymen's terms please?

I tried to say that religion on a grand scale is poisonous to humanity, and cited 9/11, crusades, the bomber a few weeks ago. He said the crusades were because a french dictator wanted more land, and the pope simply used religion to gather troops, he said the bomber wasn't motivated by religion, and that 9/11 was caused by extremists, which we both agreed are dangerous no matter where they are. Is any of that true? I'm not well versed in history, I'm more of a physics guy myself.

He tried to say science is just as dangerous as religion. I said that science is a tool to further humanity's understanding of the world/universe and no one has ever killed in the name of science. He said because of science, the nuclear bomb was invented, and religion had nothing to do with that. I tried to say that that was simply a consequence of the discovery, and that nuclear technology was once applied to space travel, but failed. 
there were other things which I handled quite well, thanks to all of you here. I do read as much of this wesite as possible, and it's all very interesting!!Thank you guys again, and for reading this!

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If the pope used religion to gather troops.. the ones fighting were still fighting for religious beliefs. And the Norway guy wasn't motivated by religion? Yeah, he just left tons of stuff talking about the crusades and stuff for no particular reason.

Yeah thats what I pointed out. That if there hadn't been religion, there wouldn't have been as many willing soldiers to fight. he said there would still be a war though, not all wars are fought over religion. A damn good amount are though... 


and I haven't been keeping up on the bomber. what was he writing exactly? my friend said he was motivated by the will to be more like the US. I didn't bother to say that Norway is doing the best in the world economically, and have the most atheists, as it was our first debate.  


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