I told a friend I didn't believe in god today...

Today I was having cocktails with a friend, and she started to rant about how bad religion/ the bible is. I felt comfortable at that moment to tell her that I didn't believe in god. This (to her) seems very different than her negative assertions about religion and proceeded to ask me, "So you don't believe in anything?" I told her there may be something out there but I don't think there is a god. She wasn't mean, and didn't treat me different after that but I felt a bit of a condescending tone in her voice when she asked if I believed in anything. It bothered me and I wish it didn't. Any advice how to deal in this type of situation?

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dont see how we have to believe in a god....but you said what you said and i say stand by what you believe in and your friend probably wont make a big deal out of the situation.

or should i say in your non-belief lol


Yep, thanks. That is something I am working on.

Just because you dont believe in god doesnt mean you dont believe in nothing at all. I always tell people I believe in logic, love, family, ect. The great thing about not believing in god for me is my logic, love of my family and ect, isnt tainted by some deity telling me i'm doing it wrong.

I too feel the condescending tone from people when i talk about my beliefs. Especially when the topic of what happens after death comes up. they always have that, "well i guess youll find out when you die." comeback.

Stick to your guns girlie.

Yeah, my lack of confidence causes me to freeze up. Its obvious that they are uninformed on the topic of non-belief in a god when they say you don't believe in anything. Thanks

Dear Folks;

Told my father this years ago. The first thing that came out of his mouth was, 'surely you believe in something greater than yourself?'

I was a little floored. I was very young and had gone through 'hell' with family crap for a long time and was sick of it. I had been in time share bible school for a few years, but my family never went together except to pick us up! I and my brother where sent as a way to improve our characters! The best thing about bible school was the chocolate milk and teasing the nuns! I was sent to the principles office once for saying 'bullshit' in reference to some lesson we where working on at the time.

I think I came out ok, but I had to switch to soy chocolate milk!

Yes there is something greater than myself, but 'god', not so much.....

I know what you mean. My family only started to show signs of their belief when I came out to them as an atheist. I too was in many church programs and summer camps, and I went back for the food but their message never stuck with me.

Something greater than yourself?  I don't even know what that means.  Doesn't "greater" fall in the opinion category?

I think it depends if one's belief in the "greater" is by faith or evidence.

I tend to think of "greater" in terms of the scale of the universe.  We are but mortal specks of an appetizer in the billions of years the universe has been churning its ingredients to make the natural menu we know today.

I believe by scientific method and evidence that the menu evolves and one day we won't be on it.

The idea that not believing in gods means you believe in nothing is just absurd, and I've never really understood where people get that notion. I believe in lots of things, like love, helping others, human rights, being a decent person, the pursuit of knowledge, the U.S. constitution, sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, etc. There are many subjects that I feel passionately about and have strong opinions on, the only difference is I'm not motivated by a religion. I also have just as much joy in my life as anybody else, I simply don't feel the need to attribute it to some god. You're right, it is a very condescending idea, and it's insulting every time I hear it from someone. You just have to explain to them as patiently as you can all the things you do believe in, and that you don't need religion to justify believing in them.

Ditto, thanks.


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