I was looking on the internet, I found Near Death Experience videos! Many of them show Christian things. I challenge anyone, find me any Muslim Near Death stories. Why do they never see Muhammad, but Christians see Jesus? Tell me that! There are also many stories of Jews and Muslims seeing Jesus. Never Christians see Muhammad. Why are so many people seeing Jesus? In some stories Jesus tells Muslims that they are wrong. He says they must become Christians. You atheists say it's all in the head. HOW???

Please explain HOW Muslims never see Muhammad, many hear Bible phrases that they never knew of. Many convert to Christianity. I think this proves Christianity is more correct than Islam. If it was culture, shouldn't they see him? But they don't! Also, why Buddhists and Hindus always see hell? Atheists too! Maybe this means Christianity is true hmmm. Tell me that!

I would love your opinions and ideas.

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If you look at all of these supposed "sources" of Islamic NDEs you will notice that there are about 5 or 6 cases of Islamic people "seeing" Jesus in their NDEs. These same cases get resused and recycled under many Christian youtube channels. I watched all of them. About half have nothing to do with an NDE and meeting Jesus. One of them a guy apparently was dying from shingles and saw Jesus at his hospital bed saying Christian bible versus. It wasn't an NDE. Another one a man who was Islamic had a car crash. He had an OBE. After his recovery he bought a bible and then dreamt about Jesus after reading it. I have Islamic relatives and dreaming about religious imagery is quite common.
There were only 2 studies I could find of Islamic nations and NDEs. One study done in Iran and one study done in Uzbekistan. Together maybe 20 cases. None of the experiences were especially religious. There was no Muhammad, no Jesus, no heaven or hell etc. Most NDEs are not religious. If 1/100 happens to have some religious imagery, well then there is a much larger pool of data in the Western world regarding NDEs than there is in the Middle East. This is not a fair comparison. Muslims growing up in the United States are likely subjected to Christian imagey every day of their lives. How many Christians are subjected to Islamic imagery?
Finally I did find one funny case of a Spanish minister of some sort who claims to have spoken with Allah during a coma and he converted to Islam. This apparently occured after years of living in Indonesia, which is an Islamic nation. No surprise, as he saw Islamic imagery likely every day of his life there.
Therefore, Christians with these claims have not done enough research and are willing to believe anything to validate their faith.

Well you cant film a near death experience, so how can you believe its true. There is no proof proving that those near death experiences happend 


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