What do you guys think? It says "i think atheist dot com"

It is simple to the point, "i think atheist" (yes this is a real member from our site)

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But maybe an expected stance of someone who looks so hip. Let's see one of atheist grandma baking a godless apple pie! Bring some Norman Rockwell into it!
lol that could be a good idea :]
It could challenge preconceptions of what atheism is and who might be an unbeliever. Hint. It could be anyone! They're everywhere....
She is also in the Think Atheist calendar :]
I always thought it should carry a message of some sort with it, along the lines of but not limited to what Reggie said below.
I think its close, but not quite it. Its too vague. You need to tie in a purpose, deed, or act. Like I mentioned in my suggestion, have the model doing something that most people don't think atheists do, like volunteer in community organizations, or sit on two sides of a political issue, or respect other opinions, or whatever. Using the group's name, "THINK ATHEIST," should be directly tied into something that demonstrates atheism, but not in a shocking or offensive way. Like if this billboard said "I THINK... Science is for school and religion is for church. I THINK... ATHEIST." Then smaller, but still visible, put the website, "THINKATHEIST.COM."

Has anyone checked to see if THINKATHEIST.ORG (vs. .COM) is available? A non-profit suffix might be more appealling to skeptics of our message. Just a thought! - PIPER
Has anyone checked to see if THINKATHEIST.ORG (vs. .COM) is available?

Yeah, Morgan. Have you checked that out?
All good suggestions, critiques, and questions IMO.
As much as I like that picture, I think that it might be a little too artistic for the general public. It's a beautiful shot, but most people will not identify with it.

What about a composite picture of lots of smiling faces of site members? Kind of like the collage idea, but I don't even think that it would have to necessarily form a larger image. Maybe just around twenty or so headshots, and a tagline that says something along the lines of, "Do you think atheist? We do! Come visit us at www.ThinkAtheist.com"

I think that it would be good to show a bunch of normal, happy, smiling faces that people could identify with; if we got a varied group of ages, races, and genders we would ensure that nearly every viewer would find a someone on the billboard that they identified with.

(Edit: I definitely don't mean to imply that the model above does not look normal or happy. I really do love that picture, and I would definitely include her headshot in the mix. But I just don't think that by itself this picture would have mass appeal for your average person.)
I like the composite photo idea...we ARE diverse and want to attract anyone who thinks as we do!

Am I missing something? Is there a place to donate through pay pal, etc? Or has the collection yet to begin?
Go to the main Billboard page here and look for the donate button. See below for an illustration. It will take you to a PayPal screen.



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