What do you guys think? It says "i think atheist dot com"

It is simple to the point, "i think atheist" (yes this is a real member from our site)

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Maybe something like this:

Instead of the kids, I imagine color photos of TA members; there could be a call for submissions like with the calender. Maybe bigger headshots, too, so that the faces would be more visible from a distance. Maybe "Come join the conversation at" instead of "Come visit us at."
YES! Come join the discussion! GOOD idea!

I like "join the discussion" much better as well. I hope that it is not copyrighted by Twitter or anything; for some reason it sounds familiar.
Hmm, while I do like this idea, I am afraid that some people tend to get extra sensitive when children are involved. It may elicit claims of "brainwashing;" even though that is a completely ridiculous claim, the use of children's photos still might generate more negative publicity than positive. (Of course, these would be pictures submitted by adults of themselves as children, but people will not necessarily know that from the billboard itself.) I personally like the idea and think that it would be funny for all of us to see each other as children, but I'm not sure that it would serve well on a billboard for the general public.
Excellent point, Shine! We don't want the Xtians howling about child indoctrination!
I just remember some of the idiotic criticisms that were being tossed around about the British Humanist Association's billboard campaign which featured children.

If kids think for themselves, they'll have perverted sex and kill people!
Well, everyone knows that sexual deviants and murderers use thinking in order to carry out their actions. Therefore, thinking is a very dangerous action which we must inhibit at every opportunity. We must also watch out for walking and breathing, as these are both commonly used by all sorts of undesirable characters.
Good point, I suppose that "all publicity is good publicity," after all. I still fear that it would be twisted somehow, although I suppose that we will be mischaracterized regardless of what image is used.
It's funny that such a reaction should need to be countered at all when the religious happily indoctrinate their kids and use them for publicity and promotion in myriad ways.

It makes absolutely no sense, like when religious people try to insult atheism by labeling it as a religion. You are totally right that hypocrisy and duplicity are the cornerstones of religion.
What about a mixture of us as kids and us as adults? You're never too young to start thinking about whether the religion you're being raised in is wrong. It's kids who have the sense to ask embarrasing questions at Sunday school.

I'd not have anything in the line before thinkaheist.com incase people think it's part of the URL.


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