Yes. I got up, brushed my teeth, started some coffee, and sat down at my computer that morning. My home screen has been CNN for a long time. Up came the CNN main screen with the headline in huge type which said America Under Attack. I snickered!

You see, around that time there had been a lot of website hijackings, so I assumed it had happened to CNN. A few seconds later, I realized it wasn't a joke and turned on the TV to find the combined attacks being covered on every channel.

That's my 9/11 story. I'm sure some of you have more interesting ones, be they happy or sad or tragic. How did you hear about it? How did it affect you? How is it continuing to affect you?

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Thank you for the correction, the perils of typing english on a Dutch iPad without auto correction turned off.

Unseen of course there are wackos in my country, the difference is they do not have command of a vast arsenal and I like to think are a little more circumspect and proportionate. 

Many acts might amount to terrorism, its a much abused word. I wonder, does having a national emblem emblazoned on the side of the tools of "terrorism" make them legitimate and anything they are used to do right and legal. Its just a thought.

Judith vd R.

PS Unseen; if you are going to reply please try and be a little more economical than many of the replies you post (not including your last to me), I am a busy mother, I have to skip most of the long ones you post!

But you described a doctor, not someone with a nuclear arsenal.

Short enough for you?

Ever hear of "Dr No" ?


Some people talk 'big', when the testosteron is flowing, and revenge is in the air.

I wonder if the fellow understood anything about fallout and 'Just War' theory.

I was in bootcamp...and that morning they shut the whole base down.  Put up cement blockers in all the parking lots, armed men on top of the buildings.   Honestly, we all thought it was part of some weird training we just had not gotten to yet. 

Was several days later, we where sitting in a class on how to act as a POW.  One of the guys was passing around some really bad rap song he had written...basically about how this all sucked.  Instructor found it and lost his shit told us we where under attack from terrorist.   So they finally turned on the TV and let us watch the news.....

Real feeling of crap this shit just real....

I was 11 I think(in Australia). As with a large number of Aussie kids I woke up, went downstairs, turned on the tv expecting to watch the infinitely popular Cheeze TV, a children's program. And this show was what everyone watched in the morning 7:00 to 8:00. And I wasn't on! Instead it was all news about he terrorist attack. But most of all I was annoyed my cartoons weren't on tv and I've met heaps of other people who had the exact same experience.

I was staying in New Hampshire at the time.  I had come downstairs, made my coffee, settled into the den couch with CNN on the television and checking email on my laptop.  As soon as the story started, the live footage, I knew exactly what was happening.  I had been expecting it for months.  There was just this dull feeling in my stomach.

I went out on the deck where I could keep an eye on the screen and lit a cigarette.  I heard a friend upstairs in the house shout "God damn it!" at his own television at the top of his lungs.  Someone walked by the screen door and asked me what was going on.  I nodded at the TV: "Terrorists are taking out the Trade Center and there's probably a couple more targets.  They're using commercial jets."  She did a double-take like I was joking, then looked at the television.  She didn't look away for five minutes.  I snubbed my cigarette and went to refill my coffee.

"You said they were going to try blowing it up again," she said as I passed.

"They're clearly more creative than I am," I quipped.


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