I'm an atheist. I feel lonely.

I have a girlfriend of just over a year, who I thought was also of my views. But she was not who I thought she was. She is a Jehovah's Witness and she hid that from me for a year. I tried proselytizing her but she just refuses everything I tell her. I feel betrayed.

I feel life is meaningless now. She is honestly the only thing that motivates me in school and in my work.

She loves me for what I am, but I still feel betrayed. I thought I had an ally with me, but she's just another gullible person. I love her too much to leave her, and I want to proselytize her. I can't stand the fact that my love is being brainwashed and deluded - it's hurting me too much, and I want to help her.

Please help me, I'm feeling so helpless.

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"Deconverting' from Christianity was a process rather than an event for me.  If I were to offer any advice gleaned from my life experience, it would be for you to have patience and try to remain calm with her.  She is questioning beliefs she has held for a very long time.  Trying to redirect neural pathways is a little like trying to dam up and redirect a river.  She sounds intelligent though and she has begun to question.  Offer her food for thought and certainly avoid 'preaching' to her as that is the last thing she needs now. 

Thank you all for your responses and pieces of advice!

Following your pieces of advice, I'm going to devise a plan. I will go for a long time not talking about religion (as much as it hurts me to see her in this state..), giving her time to think and settle her thoughts. Afterwards, I will just gently ask her questions about her faith.

But there's a problem..

Asking questions about her faith and finding a contradiction will be harder, though, since the JW bible is horribly butchered to fit the JW ideology and faith. Taking the JW bible as "proof" would validate all her answers, even though the JW bible is not valid [1]. It's even harder to believe when it was written by a team of five men from which only one of them knew a bit of Greek and some self-taught Hebrew.

First I would have to show her that her bible is not valid. Reg The Fronkey Farmer gave me a nice read which I will definitely show her later on, when she'll be doubting her faith even more.

I will have to devise my plan carefully. I don't want to make a mistake. Thank you all for your help!

[1] http://www.gotquestions.org/New-World-Translation.html


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