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I am Gary White.

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Not really, there was a study of moths (I can't remember where) in a forrest type area that had some sort of factory near by that produced a lot of smoke. Now these moths were about the same color as the trees so that birds couldn't see them and they wouldn't get eaten. However, the filth that the factoy produced made the trees a much darker and the moths would stand out and get eaten by the birds. Now this is s problem, however, the people performing this study saw that the moths actually started to get darker to match the trees again, and everything went back to normal. If that were random the moth's would have turned some other color and we would see green moths, but they turned the same color as the trees. Now if this were intelligen design I wonder why it took so long for the moths to change color. It seems to me that an intelligent creator would have the brain to just turn the moths a different color or not let the color of the trees change at all. So what is left? Natural Selection. Of course some of the moths would get a little side effect darkness from the waste produced by this factory and because of this they would survive longer and reproduce. I really wish I could remember more about this study (I'm going to research it so I can give you guys some references, it may take a bit, but I'll do it!), but it seems that the waste, just ass it affected the color of the trees, affected the color of the moths which was able to get passed on to the offspring. Now it doesn't seem to be random to me.
There are other studies that anthropologists have done with organisms like wolves. Why arent the wolves that live on big mountains the same as ones that live closer to sea level? In order to live on a mountain where the air is thin they would need larger lungs and wider nostrills to get more air. So the Ones born with slightly larger lungs/nostrills had a better chance of surviving and could live on a mountain, while the ones that couldn't live closer to sea level. That is why, it is the farthest thing from random that you can get.
That is probably one the more ignorant , unlettered blogs I have ever lost IQ points to by reading . The writers and commenters ( excepting Gary ) , are assclowns of a very high order .

It is ignorance at home I am told that I am the only one that comes from an ape, and then they have this laught that goes with it when they make this statement. And that I have to know they were created by god, almost stiking the tongue out like a child, "now who is the better one?" And then the ape jokes will follow this. You can not educate a person if they are not open to education, you can not expect an uneducated person to make an educated choise. So the cat will always be chasing it's tail!

It is agravating to argue with these people, I cannot imagine how aweful it would be to live with them. I think you are very brave to hold onto what you know in such a society filled with ignorance and intolerance.
I kinda got into it with them as well . Their arrogance is astounding , and is rivaled only by their ignorance. LOL on how they claim to have " won the debate " with every posting . That is so odd .
Assuming an intelligent designer created us, it wasn't very intelligent. Take the appendix for example. It has no function in the human body. Why is it still there? Surely an intelligent designer wouldn't make such a large blunder. All the appendix does is cause us a serious amount of pain and a hefty hospital bill when it ruptures. Take a look at the male anatomy. Every male will agree that the testacles are a very sensitive area of the male body. If they are hit enough or get injured it will make a man unable to reproduce. Why would an intelligent designer have such a crucial organ to reproduction outside the body? It just doesn't seem very intelligent at all.


The same intelligint designer made, cancer, colour blindnes,ect but then from a religious point of view they would call this Satans work or a test for your faith, and then spend time on their knees praying for god to heal people from the flaws he created.  How can you not laugh at their ignorance!

You don't, you laugh in their ignorant faces.
Ain't that the truth! It is tempting to argue with them when they make such easily refutable comments though. Anyways at some point i think anyone arguing against them will realize that.

So in the end they banned you and the other guy from commenting at all, and then had a big old victory circle jerk... I try not to be antitheist, but reading through that really boiled my blood.


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