I having been having a discussion on my FB page about a Huffington Post article that says Rick Santorum is reading a different Bible than you and me. The Bible most people read is about loving your neighbor etc... I successfully argued so far with one individual who says that if you mandate helping the needy that this is the same as a a theocracy. BS, I know, right?
We have now come to the part of this debate where I asked, " Is what we consider morally good that way because God commands that which is morally good, or is whatever God commands morally good because he commands it?
His comment is as follows: If "good" is determined by people, then people are greater than God. If "good" exists outside of God, then "good" is greater than God. In neither of those cases can God really be God. "Good" is what God says is "good."
Any recommendation on how to respectfully shut that down in one brief answer?

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The bible also says things like stone your neighbors  if they work on the Sabbath...... 

Therefore good is arbitrary. It just happens to be whatever god feels like. So Joshua slaughtering 1000s of innocent people was "good" because god said so. Surely your theist can see the fallacy of that line of reasoning. BTW, don't bug my on Friday night. I don't want to be stoned for violating the sabbath. 

Umm... Well, if the theist sees the fallacy of that line of reasoning, it just provides an opportunity to demonstrate that his faith is so strong it can stand in the face of absurdity. This is why most attempts at arguing with Christians simply falls into their trap and fails to convert them to atheism or even agnosticism. If any Christian converts as the result of a strong line of reasoning, they weren't very faithful in the first place.

Your absolutely right. I told a few christian friends when I deconverted an they really weren't the slightest bit interested in the evidence behind my reasoning and conclusions. They just couldn't understand why I couldn't just believe. When I tried to explain that I really wanted to, but belief has to be anchored in truth and fact somewhere, their eyes would just glaze over.


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