I was watching the movie The Debt last night.  I was wondering if in a few years the Palestinians won't have a group to go after Zionist war criminals.  As an atheist myself I was also wondering how Jewish Atheist support Israel because the primary reason for its existence is based on the Bible and the world of the sky god.  I'm not arguing why Jews want to live there, I'm asking how do Jewish Atheist justify their support of the State of Israel? I mean I'm physically looking at the "Jew" and I see a European, not a brown skinned mixed human being, but a person that is indistinct from a western European.  None of this is logical. Seriously, I would like to have this make some sense. 

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Trudy as far as my being a "bigot" or anti-semetic is concerned, why would I not want Israel to exist if it is a legitimate entity and not one for the purpose of imperialism, etc.?  You are talking to a person who detest power for control and a humanist.  As such, I think Khazars, Israelis, Arabs, Buddhist, Tigers and Lions should be able to live anywhere they wish, but I don't think they should steal peoples lands and claim them as their own and you must admit, the European does have a history of doing such.


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