I recently became an open Atheist, and admittedly I've been a bit of an ass about it with my family. I scoff at the candidates they support (Romney, and in one extreme case, Santorum), and when my family confronted me about WHY I hated these two so much, the first thing that popped out of my mouth was that they are Fundamentalist Christians (Yeah, Romney's a Mormon, BFD), and are both preaching from a book that encourages slavery, mass murder, incest, infanticide, the murder of your own children, rape, the list goes on and on. The most interesting response I got was "Well, that's all old testament. CHRISTIANS follow the NEW Testament much more seriously than the Old Testament." Well, I've heard  broad sweeping generalizations before, but this one had me a bit stumped. I made a bit of a cop out by simply stating that it was damned convenient for them to be able to pick and choose which bits of God's word and law that they follow.

So here's what I need help with: I would like to find New Testament examples of God Gone Wrong, General Hypocrisy, etc, etc, etc...Do any of you have a good idea of where I can start?

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Ron, you are right.  'The' bible, all 400 differing translations are merely Babylonian mythology.  In the words of Thomas Jefferson,: "It matters not whether my neighbor believes in in twenty gods or no gods, it neither picks my pocket, nor breaks my leg."

Somewhat, but a lot of it is also Canaanite religion as well.  You might enjoy reading this.  

The Rise of Monotheism in Ancient Israel

You might also enjoy reading The Evolution of God 

The Evolution of God sounds interesting, Richard.  Who is the author ?

Robert Wright. I believe he says it's a book form of his college course. I gave the link in my previous post to his web site about the book. I read it the first time from my public library (St. Louis, Missouri, USA). That was about 2 years ago, but I think it's still in print.

Oh, it was a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize. 

Many thanks, Richard,  I'll check our library for it.

William the books is available through Amazon and can get a Kindle version.

Good suggestion, @Jim Minion. I'd still look at a library copy, if available, just so he sees if it's of interest. The "good stuff" in that book doesn't really start appearing after the part the usual Amazon preview. I'm wanting a personal copy too (and I have a Kindle).

Richard, did you take a look at that link to the journal article I linked?  Rollston is one of only a handful of Bronze age Levantine epigraphers.  The other convenient thing about it, is that it is written in at tone to address Christian arguments because that particular article is written to try to convince a Christian audience that Israel was originally polytheist.

This is to John Kelly. I don't have reply link to his last message below his posting. I think I did. These past couple of days have been hectic. Let me track it down again. There's a reason most my replies have rarely been more than a sentence or two :)

No, no computer problems that I'm seeing. Just after a certain point in the reply chain it seems not to give me an option to reply back. I have an IT background, including web programming. Has me scratching my head. Maybe there's a setting I need to adjust.

At least I can edit my own posting. :)

Computer problems?  If you can see the thread just scroll up and it is there, but if not here is the link 


I give up, Jim.  What's a Kindle ?



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