Anyone else know people who say this and find it really annoying?

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i'm not aggressive about this. I would say i'm passionate about it though. I'm passionate in my belief that the use of the word "soul" or "spirit" in place of other words is counter productive. As it insinuates to many people who want to believe that you believe in A SOUL. Because the ETERNAL SOUL is almost always what is suspected when you use those words.

I find people find it even MORE difficult to come out as nonbeliever in the soul than it is for them to come out as a nonbeliever in God and that's a problem to me because belief in God is DEPENDENT on the belief in the soul...

Please, just reconsider using the word spiritual and soul.. see if you can find a word that more accurately depicts the meaning :)

Please, just reconsider using the word spiritual and soul.. see if you can find a word that more accurately depicts the meaning :)

Why must other people reconsider their accurate use of words like spiritual simply because you refuse to accept these words can be used in a non-religious sense?

Me and others have explained it in this thread quite a few times but basically because the use of those words in that regard directly support a religious belief.

Let me ask you again.. would you use the word GOD to describe the natural universe? And if someone were to do so would you question them? And if you WOULD question that. Why wouldn't you question someone using the words "spirit" and "soul" to describe "their personality" or "their connectedness to the universe"

The word Spirit means Soul... that is the number one most likely meaning  anyone thinks of when you use that word.

So what about you personally Kris, if someone tells you they believe in God... but then later explains to you that they consider God to be "the universe" would you not prefer them to or perhaps ask them to reconsider calling it God?

No, I wouldn't claim god = the universe because I am not a Pantheist. However, I also wouldn't suggest Pantheists find a new label for themselves because I actually understand the definition of God used in Pantheism is a valid one.

One of over a DOZEN definitions of spirit means soul. You are simply choosing to ignore all the other definitions because "soul" is your definition of preference. That's not to say your definition is incorrect. However, it is not more correct than any of the other definitions and you refuse to accept that.

How does connectedness imply a reference to "spirit"?

Because the energy that flows through all things is what connects them.

If you're going to explain how energy flowing through things justifies reference to "spirit," you left some premisses out.

Energy flows through wires, too.

Carbohydrates give us vitality.

When I read your comment, I immediately started singing "We are all connected; to each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically. And to the carbs, deliciously."

words of wisdom from some spiritual atheists.

we are all connected yes.. and energy never dies... that's fine. I'm glad to at least have some grasp of how people are considering "spirituality" to connectedness. Still, how does connectedness in this sense have ANYTHING to do with spirituality? The fact that we're connected I mean? I must tell you. Whatever answer you give ... it's quite a rare one.

spoken like a true spiritualist :)

Oh, so anyone who doesn't agree with you lives "in a box." I guess making fun of someone's age is a sign of being open minded. Oh, well.


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