Anyone else know people who say this and find it really annoying?

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Yes... see there are different types of atheists here. the ones who just want to be able to express themselves and the ones who want change in the world to enable progression.

Seems like a false dichotomy.  People have different ideas on what it means to change the world and how it should be done, even with regard to atheism alone let alone the salvation of the human race.

some people have different semantics towards the word spiritual but by and large they are talking about the soul... the next most popular definition has to do with "energy" meaning that they may not go to heaven but they will live on in their energy after they die....

Both of these excuses are a means of comforting them from the fact that they will one day face an ultimate death. It's a coping mechanism.

It's unhealthy on an individual level and unhealthy on a global level. It is the CAUSE and foundation of all the religions.

It belittles science and stifles human progress. It's not a harmless belief to believe in the soul. It's not just religion that is a problem in the world it is irrational thought. Albino people in Africa are trapped and dismembered for their limbs because people will pay a hefty price. In Africa people are hunted because they are believed to be witches. (The supernatural)They believe that their limbs provide magical powers. Rhinos are poached because without an ounce of scientific reason people believe that their horns can cure cancer. Astrology leads people to believe in something higher than this life. Another plane.

Sure, my grandmother was a christian. Never hurt a soul... It's not her I am attacking when I challenge the belief in God. Its the irrational beliefs in general. Just as my mother who considered herself a spiritual person. On an individual level it is harmless but supporting the belief itself is the problem. Exposing that these ideas are without any evidence and that they belittle science is IMPORTANT.

I'm not religious = I don't want you to think I'm a religious nut case, that believes on an arrogant and spiteful old-man-sky-god.

I'm spiritual = Nonetheless, I believe in everything else. 

Am I spiritual or religious if I believe in The Invisible Pink Unicorn? (^_^)

Religious and spiritual.. Religion is kinda spiritual ha? Religion = Shit, Spirituality = Shit. Is it possible to be a Spiritual Atheist?

Yes. Here is a youtube video I linked earlier called "My Spirituality as an Atheist."

Though most atheists probably find him a little too "tree hugging nature hippie" for their liking. Hence, the difference between spiritual and non-spiritual people.

Marya Hornbacher (Waiting: A Nonbeliever's Higher Power) has a great personal definition of spirituality for the non-religious.

"I am only one, incredibly flawed, absolutely limited human mind--one spirit--among millions more. But it is precisely this limitation--the fact that I can know only so much of the nature of things, of spirit, of universal truth--that is, paradoxically, the source of my spirituality."

Hornbacher also uses "spirit" in the Greek sense, as "breath." It's her motivation and lust for life. I gotta agree with that.

I don't get the point of talking about any other kind of spirit than the one exemplified in terms like "school spirit" (school related enthusiasm, blind loyalty, and favoritism).

I see the belief in a "universal truth" as a symptom of perhaps unspoken religious belief. Universal truth seems to imply a universal mind, perhaps even a creator.

I also suspect that her definition of "breath" is something other than inhaling and exhaling, which also smells of a religious belief.

Religion also comes from the Latin word "Religare" which means " to bind". So in that sense maybe you and I and everyone on this site are religious. We are binded together here as Atheists!

My point is there are so many ways to skew meanings. But we all know what it really means. Spirit CAN imply just your personality... however there is almost ALWAYS (whether you choose to notice it or not) that implication of a possibility of that spirit coming from something higher.

There should be no "spirituality for non religious". It's like having a definition of God for the non religious.

The Latin religio was originally used to mean "reverence for God or the gods, careful pondering of divine things, piety" Prior to that, the etymology is obscure. But regardless, religion has a solid definition, unlike vague ill-defined words such as spiritual.

There should be no "spirituality for non religious". It's like having a definition of God for the non religious.

Plenty of non-religious people DO have a definition of God. I'm sorry drago, but the bottom line is that you don't get to decide which definitions people use or which words evolve new meanings. Language isn't stagnant. Second, there are a helluva lot of "spiritual but not religious" people out there and they're not going away no matter how much you disagree with their proper use of the English language.

I'm not trying to decide which definition of a word people use... i'm just making the point that the word spiritual to most people means of the soul. That simple fact isn't going to change.

People using the words soul and spiritual in almost any context annoys me because there is no such thing as "spirits" and "souls". Using the words in any context doesn't pay heed to that.

i'm just making the point that the word spiritual to most people means of the soul.

My anecdotal experience with countless "spiritual" friends would suggest otherwise.

As an amusing side note, my experience with atheists would suggest the definition atheists use to describe themselves often differs greatly from the definition of "atheist" put forth by theists.

I guess that "us" vs "them" mentality often tries to relabel the other side as the "us" sees fit. I try to avoid that trap.

i'm just making the point that the word spiritual to most people means of the soul.

...or ghost. There really isn't much of a difference between ghost, soul, or spirit, except that ghosts tend in mythology to inhabit places and bother people. They all involve the existence of something essential to a person that exists in a nonphysical (meaning not subject to physical law) and parallel reality or plane of existence.


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