Anyone else know people who say this and find it really annoying?

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It must be because you're so spiritual.  I'm going to ask for your help later on. 

On the Video:  AHughman08 has a good point about our limited ability to name the human experience without resorting to religous ternminology.  Not sure our inability to describe the wonderous things in life, which religion grafts itself onto, in non-religious terms makes you spiritual.  I think it just makes you a particularly observant and emotional human who is living in a culture that has been dominated by religion for millenia.  Maybe AHughman08 and I just need to crack open the old thesaurus.  I stopped paying attention when he said "there must be something bigger than me causing this (the rocky mountain range)."  I stopped watching when he brought up the wonder of butter milk buscuits.  Good "spiritual" music...very "woo-inducing." 

Ann Druyan once said, "because our language is a pre-scientific phenomenon we don’t have a word for this feeling that isn’t imbued with a sorry history. But we still have that feeling."

If atheists would like to invent a new word to describe "spiritual atheists" like Carl Sagan or the one in the video whose feet were a little too far in the woo pool for most of you, go for it. lol

I just don't see why a person would need to use the word spiritual, with all it's other connotations, when we have words and concepts like 'wonderous' or 'magnificent' or 'interconnected' to describe phenomena that induce awe.  I like to enjoy the outdoors and ponder the small pleasures in life, but I'd wouldn't say I was being spiritual so much as appreciative.

Some people are hopeless romantics and cry at movies or during an opera, others think those people are ridiculous. Some people find things like meditation or yoga good "food for the soul" whereas others find those things a complete waste of time.

I'm sure most people have occasional moments where standing on a mountain looking up at the stars gives them goosebumps and makes them contemplate the vastness of the universe and what it means to be human, but perhaps the difference is those who consider themselves spiritual tend to actively seek out these experiences in as many aspects of their lives as possible and as often as possible. You can find that feeling through religion or through science, but most people can't be bothered chasing it because it's simply not important to them.

I'm more comfortable just saying I'm into voodoo.

The reason it bothers me is that "spiritual" implies/means they believe in "souls" a concept which is essentially the foundation of all the major religions...

The belief in souls is the gateway to a belief in religion. It is the irrationality of it that opens the door.

Imagine a world where people didn't believe in souls...

-All of the major religions would no longer have a leg to stand on.

-People would appreciate their time on earth more and probably respect the earth more.

-There would be no crazy irrational crap happening from people who believe in supernatural garbage.

In my experience, almost all people who declare themselves spiritual seem to believe in another reality than the one of the empirical senses. This world isn't enough. There's another plane of reality. Yes, it is a gateway to religion in that sense, even if it isn't a drug.

You don't need to join a church to have an essentially religious belief.

Having a religious belief doesn't mean joining a religion. It means believing something religious in nature. You're hung up on religions. Religiousness is the real issue.

converting to a religion isn't the only problem with religious beliefs... it's the irrationality of having the beliefs and how just having and condoning these beliefs support the ideals of religion... just being irrational is unacceptable to me.

I don't think these people are on the road to becoming religious... it's that they are supporting religious beliefs... such as the idea of the soul when they use the word in such a way... same reason I don't entertain people using the word God as "the universe is my god".


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