Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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you are mentioning 11% of the world, during a very brief part of history. you can't apply it across the board.

the nazis were Darwinists who killed the old and disabled for better evolutionary advantages, and if you didn't agree, death. but Darwinists aren't bad people from my experience, neither is it a terrible theory.

you are mentioning 11% of the world, during a very brief part of history. you can't apply it across the board.

I didn't. Muslims were also scientists, Chinese people had their own set of empirical research....all well before the middle ages. So does their work on science prove Allah exists or that Bhudda is one with the universe? You are the one who is generalising my friend about early it might be better not accusing others of doing the very thing you are good at.

the nazis were Darwinists who killed the old and disabled for better evolutionary advantages, and if you didn't agree, death. but Darwinists aren't bad people from my experience, neither is it a terrible theory.

The Nazis were mostly Christian lunatics of which some understood the principles of natural selection and then turned that information into a kind of religion of their own bringing out highly unscientific claims and propeganda that could not possibly be called rational or empirical. The inquisition used new technology that came from science to torture and murder christians they suspected to doing bad things? Does that make them Darwinists? You seem to have no clue how broad your claims are and how incredibly easy it is to pick them apart. I need find but one counter example and your argument is discredited and it takes me about one minute to find a counter example if I don't already know one from history classes which perhaps you never attended.

Linking modern science to Christianity is lunacy. It is a sign of gross delusion.

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Newton for example, invented calculus to try to plot planetary orbits.  He was not doing this BECAUSE of his religion, but, in SPITE of it.

IE: He was trying to plot orbits DESPITE his religious upbringing.

Also according to the historical evidence, he stopped working on multiple orbit calculations BECAUSE of his belief in God...and, therefore, others who came after Newton had to figure out what NEWTON said was impossible to, because, it was God's work.

Did Leonardo Da Vinci make the discoveries HE made BECAUSE of, or, in SPITE of, religion?

WHY did the Vatican IMPRISON Da Vinci?

Was it because they LOVED his ideas, or, because his ideas were in conflict with their teachings?

Why did the Church DEMAND him to denounce his findings?

Why was Bruno burned at the stake after saying the earth orbited the sun?

Was that the default religion ENCOURAGING science, or, DISCOURAGING science?

If you KNOW of fellow scientists who were murdered for publishing their findings, how likely are YOU to rush to publish YOUR findings?

Mendel - The MONK who did experiments with peas, discovered genetic inheritance and its patterns.

He lived at the same time as Darwin.

Mendel discarded all of his research, and tried to hide what he found, never to do another experiment,...and, Darwin, who could have REALLY benefited from Mendel's work, if it had been published, was left guessing about the mechanism of inherited traits.

So, yes, most scientists, historically, were the default religion in their place and time.  

But, historically, the religion showed zero evidence of being RESPONSIBLE for the advancement of science, and, showed MASSIVE evidence of being RESPONSIBLE for suppressing science.

There was an exception in the middle east, as, up to ~ 1,100 AD, the science and mathematics coming from that region, under Islam was among the best in the world at that time...

...and, then, unfortunately, a philosophy that basically said everything you need to know is in the Koran, and, if its not in the Koran, you don't need to know it....which, predictably morphed, as religious beliefs tend to, into, we'll kill you for discussing anything that is not in the Koran, or, disagreeing with the Koran.

And, that is, not coincidentally, when the Muslim world collapsed into a stagnant heap the way the Christian world collapsed when the Church was in full control (The Dark Ages).

So, the Black Plague hit the Christian world, during the dark ages, and, wiped out ~ 1/2 the population, a devastating loss of life.  The FACT that people observed, was that praying, the Church, doing what the Church said they had to do to avoid the "curse brought upon them by their sins" etc...did not WORK, and, the Church lost power and influence compared to BEFORE the massive plague die off.

THAT allowed the "Renaissance"  and "Age of Reason" to blossom and replace the Church's velveted iron fist.......still equipped with its special kissable ring accessory.

........but, the Islamic world did not go through this "opportunity" to see the light, and, they essentially remained in THEIR dark ages.

So, if your argument is that, in history, there were Christians who were scientists, therefore science Christianity were is a false argument with no merit.

The reality is that Christianity as a religion has hindered the human quest for knowledge...and still does, based upon its impact on you for example.

The agnotological campaigns run BY Christians TO purposefully confuse you on this issue, are the ONLY reason you do not know the truth.

:D may think TJ is exagerating...but the fact is...he left out the gruesome details for those who met a gruesome fate by the inquisition, or the nasty details by those who were lucky enough to get only "house arrest". House arrest is another way of cutting off a scientist from everyone else to make sure they don't infect everyone else with their reason and empirical observation and impartial objective tentative conclusions. It also sends out a sweet invitation to other scientists and free thinkers to prepare their own house for house arrest in case they feel like unnecessarily spouting their subversive dangerous lines of evidence and logic.

TJ only gave three examples. Those are only examples of the famous ones who accomplished something great before they met an end of seclusion or intellectual banishment and for the minor ones, some fun time hanging from chains becoming aquainted with hot pokers. For such a puritanical set of Catholics...they certainly were obsessed with playing painful games with other people's genitals.

The list of scientists who were shut down and shut up is long. It is nothing less than incredible that some scientists disseminated their work in the face of this.

Nathaniel...the dumbest thing you have said in these 41 that Christianity is responsible for Science. That is so unbelievably ridiculous and an extremely moronic thing to say. You are tremendously wrong...and as a humanist I find the very claim highly highly  offensive.

I never said Christianity is responsible for religion guys, that would be stupid. I think gods responsible because the evidence is irrefutable.

I keep hearing that Christians have shown me the information they want me to see (again.... not catholic) but historical testimony is mostly from non-Christians, as well as archeological findings.

if you have a verse that is counter logic, look it up. there's almost none, but for the ones like "Moses claimed insects had four legs" there's always a reasonable explanation.

the bibles prophecy are not like the koran, not vague statements that can be taken in a variety of circumstances. the bible knows things it can not before its time.

I Thoroughly enjoyed talking to you, but there's only a month till a graduate, and I have a lot of late work.

I seriously hope you look into it, and I pray god opens up your hearts.

See you around guys. :)

There are faults with every belief system. Christianity is no exception.

Christians should learn from Atheists not ague with them.

It shows you are not truly in belief of Christianity.



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