Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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Can you give me an example?

First we must establish that the bible is historically accurate, Greeks and Romans wrote of the same events, and the bible talks and events and buildings that were no discovers until the last 200 years.
No scientist will debate this.

Secondly, Jesus made a Huge ripple, historians also belive that he exists.

This attests to two things, that the near 2000 prophasys were true, were seeing people talk about Jesus thousands of years before it happens.
Granted it could of been a guess, but out of two thousand it has not been wrong once. In that was it is different from every other religious writing.

Secondly, there were no books about crusofiction, roman people hated talking about it and it only existed for the worse criminals, talking about it is no way to establish a religion. We know he vanished from a tomb due to roman documents, many say that the Romans robbed his body from the tomb, but the document suggest that they went mad looking for it.

The thing that stood out to me is it's accurate view of the solar system.
They claimed that the world was round when people thought it was flat.
They claimed that the numbered of stars in the universe is uncountable. The known number was 1,300.
It said that the universe was expanding 3000 years before Edwin huble theorized it.
It said the their is a fixed order to planets and the sun.
It said that the earth is floating in space.

It's hard to find sources for Christianity, but I can give you verses when I get home (I'm at school rn) :)

I want a book or article written by the Greeks or Romans in 1CE about killing of babies. That's all.

Josephus did not provide any writings on this, but lack of writing during this time frame suggest that we wasn't in Bethlehem.

it is very accurate to his character described by johephus in early works though.

Am I to believe that the killing of the innocents by Herod wasn't such a big news item to warrant recording by Josephus but he gets all the details of your Jesus life correct?


"First we must establish that the bible is historically accurate"

Duh...and after 2,000+ years still waiting, ho-hum ho-hum...and still waiting.

Oh shit that's right, the rational historians have already established the bible is NOT a historical account.  IT IS A FUCKING BOOK OF MYTHOLOGY!!!

Now that we got that straight...

When you researched it did you look at the case against Christianity?

If so, which authors have you read?

If not, do you think it balanced and rational to consider only one side of an issue?

yes, i used to be agnostic so i researched quite a bit.

i didn't read authors for specific points, although reading philosophy helped a bit.

i mostly researched prophecy and historical accuracy. 

I will take that as a no.  My advice is to read a book by a famous atheist or anti-theist. An entire book. 

If you had been convinced that an alien had visited you instead of a miracle would you just research UFOs and paranormal phenomena or would you read those who debunk such things?

Don't be a christian. Use your brain.

Or just read the bible, cover to cover. Christians receive their bible as little snippets (a cherry picked 5%) with a spin. If you read the bible cover to cover and still wanna be a Christian, then you should be.

robert, Ive read it 11 times, the first man i met in the tribe read his every week.

im a missionary kid, and i have good arguments

of course i read the bible. 

11 times. WTF! You don't have other books?


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