Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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Oh man, is that really cheese on top, or some other kind of body part? I need to see it on a bigger screen.

Unfortunately, I'm going to declare my interpretation more valid than yours.

Haha, I'm ok with that, too!

 Experience and expertise matters.   Study matters.  In all disciplines.

... and in all cons.

And NO, we have lots of scriptures in religion.  Tens, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of books.  Why in the world would anyone think that only one could be true? 

+1, the more differences in perspective, the better! (But not for science... it's a constant pruning process, with all that new growth. I mean jeez, it just never ends, does it?)

Well, I suppose, in that a con requires some experience in human psychology in order to manipulate behavior.  

A con, however, is trying to get someone to accept a lack of expertise as somehow just as valid as an expert.

True enough, too.
Nathaniel, please change your profile to reflect that you are a Christian. At present it states falsely that you are an Atheist. Whereas we do permit those of religious persuasion to join and to post, it is deceptive and wrong to pretend to atheism in your profile.

Strega [site moderator]

alright, ill do it when i get a chance.

your a site mod right? why dont you join the discusion?

Thank you - I see you posted this 9 hours ago. However, your information page is unchanged. I cannot edit it for you, I can only take more draconian action, which would seem a bit harsh if you can just make the edit.

I join in any discussions that interest me. However, as site mods, we have to read every post - so I can base my decision whether to participate, on all the preceding posts.

whaaaaat, i dont interest you?

yeah, i live in idndonesia, and i only read your post at night, so it took me a while to change it.

Nathaniel- at the top of the TA page there is a banner, with the word HOME as the most left item. Along that banner you will find the words MY PAGE. Select that. Scroll down until you have passed the snippets of your various posts and below these you will see your personal info. There is a small grey box to the top right of this info, that has the word EDIT on it. Select that.

Now change your religion to something true, rather than 'atheist' which is not true. Then save it.

I have no idea what you attempted to do but until you do the above, your info will be misleading. Unless of course you are a closet atheist...

Like I keep saying, everyone is an atheist, whether they realize it or not.


alright, i thought you were talking about the picture


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