Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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Yet it is clearly mentioned in just about every single book of the New Testament and spoken of (and approved of) by Jesus in every Gospel.

Not to interrupt your alternative facts with, you know, actual data but...

Just did a search through my copy of the New American Bible for "hell".  Got lots of sHELLfish.  Got a bunch of HELLenism from the annotations.  Not one single "hell" in the whole thing.

I cannot tell if this is a terrible joke or a display of cosmic intellectual ineptitude at a 10/10 on the ducking-dodging scale.

New Internaltional Version Mark 9:3:

If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life maimed than with two hands to go into hell, where the fire never goes out.

Egad! The world Hell is in the Bible after all! And it's Jesus no less who is talking about it. But...that's just one translation right? It must be the only one that is base enough to use the word hell!

But wait...the same word shows up in the King James Version, American Standard Version, The Common English Bible, The Holman Christian Bible, The Darby Translation, The English Standard Version, The Good News Translation and so on and so on.

Perhaps I should use the world Gehenna in your selectively cunningly deceptively sneakily slippery duckingly and dodgingly chosen translation The New American Bible.

This has been my favourite duck and dodge of yours yet Dr. Bob. Thanks for the helarity. 

no, thats kinda dumb.

me and bob are both trying to pressure you for an eternal hell, which you are unable to provide.

also, we were both talking about the old testament, mentioned previously ^ in case your not aware, you cited the new testament.

I rate it 10 out of 10, great joke

No. Bob clearly said New Testament. Keep up with us here Nathaniel. Pay attention.

ok, your confused, but i was too, so your not dumb.

bob copied an earlier statement, it wasn't his words the were from the new testament. he just said he searched his standerd version, just a type of bible.

you put out evedence from mark, a new testament book.

we already decided that hell is only mentioned in the new testament. so when we were arguing on that point and you quote the new testament it dosent disprove much.

this conversation has been confusin to me too, is that just my translation of the convo?

maybe i read somthing wrong?

I'm a Catholic, remember.  You weren't really expecting me to have a King James bible lying around were you?

Yes, in the passage you mention it's Gehenna.  That's also the translation we use at mass.  In fact, our priest gave a sermon on it just a few weeks ago.  

The passage refers to the Valley of Hinnom (ge-hinnom) on the south side of Jerusalem, which was the slum of the age.  Filled with refuse that was hauled from the city and burned there.  My scholarly notes also say that it was the center of an idolatrous cult during the Jewish monarchy that was engaged in child sacrifice; it was also where people ended up who were tried by the Sanhedrin and exiled from Jerusalem.

It's a marvelous metaphor.  Whether it refers to some existential place or state is an open question.   We speculate or believe so, depending on our Christian sect, but that's a part of Christianity that's outside the Bible.  Its origins are in the Jewish apocryphal book of Enoch.

Dr. Bob. I've been more impressed with Nathaniel who is an uneducated teenager who makes grossly fallacious and clearly nonfactual statements. Still some of his comments were worth reading at least. This response of yours makes me weep. The lengths you go to in order to not take something back but dig a deeper hole is astonishing. When does the next semester start?

LOL.  Yes, don't let data get in the way of your prejudice.  At least you're consistent. ;-) 

It should be no surprise that you prefer talking with "uneducated teenagers".  Must make you feel very smug and superior, no?

Do you ever reflect on that, I wonder?

And don't worry, I'm just traveling for a conference.  Semester ends next month.

Nathaniel, this is extremely dishonest behavior on your part. If you intend to cherry pick your person "interests" and "beliefs" from within christianity, then you can be decent enough to present them before the start of a discussion. This gives you an extremely unfair advantage of weaseling out of a discussion.

We are not atheists who are against the religion of Nathaniel, we are atheists period. You should make a list of your personal beliefs before we start debating them, otherwise we will keep assuming that you share the same beliefs associated with mainstream Christianity. And you will keep weaseling out of discussions with the assumption of being victorious, but in fact it was just dishonesty.

Also, you've mentioned a "personal miracle" as one of the things which drove you back to Christianity. I would personally be very interested in knowing what that is and unpacking it for you.

yeah, sorry about that, it wasn't my intention.

next time i post ill have some things in the description, for now, ill provide adiquet evidence for what i believe.


correction: There is 7000% more sexual child abuse among clergy


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