Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate.
Does anyone see any faults with Christianity?
This seems like a very logical good ste and I'm exited to talk with you all.

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i have alot, but the bible is my standard for living

I get that, and I am happy for you that you have found your standard of living. But that really makes me wonder, why are you here then?

I am to believe that you stone children, if you have any, when they are disobedient. Talk to your donkeys and don't eat shellfish 

well, i do read alot of christian liturature, and ive read the bible.

im a reader, but not religiously

the nice thing about the internet is you can research things like that and find it to be true. thats what i did.

much faster then reading a book.

no, when you are positive about something its a waste of time to try to disprove it. like trying to disprove oxygen. i did, however, try to disprove Christianity a few years ago, came to a dead end.

so better question, why is Christianity so stupid? so far Jake, i haven't seen very god arguments from you against it.

enjoying the discussion :)


"after a miracle inside my Christian family I started researching and converted"

You witnessed a "MIRACLE" and then chose "research", Oh Yee of Little Faith!!!  It was a MIRACLE for doG's dare question doG's almighty hand???

of course, also please dont give him that title.

before and after a miracle i still hated god, and i still thought it was rediculous, it just made it worth reaserching.

wouldnt it be the same thing if you encountered a similer circumstance?

would you be willing to describe the nature of this miracle and to talk about miracles in general; what are they? how to tell something is a miracle and so on

its a long story.

short answer... a malaria related problem happend to my little brother in an isolated tribal island.

a miracle is when god dose something counter logic to help you. 

You didn't describe the miracle in the slightest. You gave a highly abstract definition of what a miracle is and then, in a blasé phrase, said your brother had a medical problem in a remote place (and I'm assuming he left the island without this problem or at least on his way to recovery?) That is not a description but a newpaper headline. 

When people ask you for explanations, they don't want paraphrased definitions and loose outlines of your arguement/story. That is stuff we already know or useless info. By the way your definition has several flaws but let's not get into that just yet. Try to answer these questions as authentically, plainly and specifically as possible avoiding lofty words or religious adjectives if they can be avoided:

What precisely was the problem?

How did you communicate with God about the problem?

When did God perform this miracle?

How did God perform this miracle?

What was the specific result of the miracle?

What about this event is so special that it cannot be explained through rational means?


If you answer these questions, then you'd have a description. Remember to do people the courtesy of providing specifics and details when having an intellectual discussion. 


And, is said "miracle" reproducible and therefore predictive.

Adding to the questions by David, you say god did something counter to logic. This statement makes very little sense.

What is it that god did that was counter logic? Did he make your brother dead and not dead at the same time? Or sick and not sick? 

Apparently, everything God does is counter to logic.  Fortunately, humans evolved logic on our own.


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