I'm not really sure if I ever was. But now more than ever I am convinced there is a God...I have been on the fence a long time but now it is super clear to me.

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I just hope you are have not taken up Covfefeism.

there is a God

This is grammatically incorrect. The capital G on God implies you are talking about a specific, named, thing. It's like saying "there is a Belle". So, do you believe in something named God or do you believe that there is a god? or both?

Also, what do you define as a god (or, what are you calling God)? Am I the god of my fish tank?

Why are you telling us? Do you want us to talk you out of it? Wouldn't your time be better spent in some sort of religious forum?

Belle's mentioned she likes the community. (I'd miss her on AZ, too!)

The community is an atheist one, Pope. We tolerate religious people when they keep to the narrow framework of answering or debating their religion. However, there are many atheists under threat within their community or country who come here to escape religion, even though many dare not post. This community is here to support those atheists. The reason we need atheist forums or communities is because religion pervades everywhere, and we can provide a haven.

Absolutely. I've noticed the most common reason for people unregistering from here is they can't afford to be recognized as atheist or anti-religion where they work.

No small amount of introspection to come to such a decision. Hope for a peaceful life for you. Including not having the angst of defending your decision here. You might have enough of a challenge reconciling this decision for yourself but there is no need to explain it to us here. And beg your pardon as you certainly didn't need me to explain this.   

well then thanks for stopping in, good luck with that.


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