I'm not really sure if I ever was. But now more than ever I am convinced there is a God...I have been on the fence a long time but now it is super clear to me.

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I am not really a human any more. I am not sure if i ever was. But now more then ever i am convinced i am not related to you freaks. 

What swayed you, Belle? 

It's a really fucking long story lol...too much to tweet cofevfe lol

If you are happy with your faith, if it works for you and makes sense of the world you live in then I am happy for you.  

I would be interested in knowing more about your moment of clarity.

I'll tell you privately as it would involve discussing too many personal details.....

No problem.Chat later.


Is your God the God of the Christian bible?
I don't know yet Davis...

Okay, let's try the very basics:

Is this God a conscious being (of some kind) who makes decisions (about stuff)?

From the evidence you feel you are experiencing, you are convinced that there is an external influence over your life. It's a massive leap to reach a conclusion of what or who that influence can be credited to. The Wiccan belief is that there is a kind of 'mother nature' entity. The Muslims would attribute it to Allah. I'm all for fairies at the bottom of the garden. I think the problem you're going to encounter here, is the gap between 'something is influencing the world in my favour' and 'therefore Jesus'.
I know Strega...that's why I said I don't know...but I am totally convinced that there is a God. I have seen too much and to keep denying it would be dishonest. They say hindsight is 20/20 and I think that is true...
Why not multiple gods? Why just one?


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