I guess i will start out with saying i am a agnostic trying to find my way of the fence. 

I came here to ask questions and hope this community is kinder then some out there in the world,

i don't like community's that are hostel to people like me who are agnostic

im posting this because i suck at introducing myself.

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Welcome to Think Atheist! You've chosen a good place to join and discuss. There is a lot of support from the members here, and there are discussions and debates in almost all topics.

Hi! Welcome!

You may get some flak for being agnostic, but probably it'll just be from people who like to debate. I'm technically an agnostic atheist...I can't rule out the tiny possibility of God existing in some form...but I think it's more likely that humans invented God. I'm over 99.9 percent comfortable with atheism, so for simplicity's sake I call myself an atheist.

So what are you're thoughts on God and religion?

welcome.  don't worry about being on the fence, its a stressful place to be, but you can make some interesting observations on it.

To tell the truth, I's rather have a conversation with an agnostic than someone that was so cretin of their atheistic views that they scoff at agnostic uncertainty.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Think Atheist.  You wont have to go far if you want to find debate here, half as far to find opinion, and no distance at all to find support on anything you can think of.

guess I would be a 6.5.  I'd say I was a 6.9, but that leaves no room to be more sure in the future without being certain :P

You know, I've always had a problem with this scale since it doesn't really define "God". Is it supposed to be a specific god? A subjective whatever-you-think-god-is-like god? Any supernatural entity? 

Because if we were talking about a Judeo-Christian concept of god then it's a 7 for me, but if we are talking about an incredibly power entity beyond our current comprehension (not necessarily supernatural), but who doesn't really give a shit about what happens here on earth and is likely not involved in any of our affairs here ever or is even aware of the existence of earth, then I'd count myself a 4.

Welcome RR 

Greetings. I'm new to this community too. I think it's pretty brave of you to join and ask questions. ( I'm a bit freaked out myself, new communities and groups can be intimidating) 

Thank you though im not that new anymore im shocked this was even still up lol

Welcome and hello from the far-out  spaced out one ^_^


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