Well, as the title so aptly put it, I'm new here.

I'm 17 and a senior in high school. 

I'm planning on going to uni next year and double majoring in physics and theater because I'm obsessed with both of them. 

I love music.  I play French horn and acoustic guitar.

I like finding random bands that no one's heard of, not because I'm a pretentious hipster, but because I'm finding someone I had never heard of and listening to something they're pouring from their hearts, which is something so intimate that I feel like I know a bit of them.  I don't know.  Maybe it's just because of the fact that I'm a musician/poet. :/ 

Anyway, my favorite genres are singer/songwriter acoustic stuff and folk punk.

I've been an atheist for...a few weeks.  Before that, I was a theistic Luciferian. Not to be confused with Satanism.

I like to read old literature.  I'm reading Paradise Lost and Beowulf right now.  Next is probably going to be Dante's Inferno.

I read lots of physics books.  I'm working on The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow right now.  If you couldn't tell, I read a lot of books at the same time.

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To quote Dante (in translation): "Abandon hope, all ye who enter!"

feel welcome. By riding on shoulders of giants we become like them. Keep reading and welcome to the site. You'll find a lot of interesting stuff and people all the time
Welcome! :)

Welcome to Freethought!  Check out my vids (Doubter5) on youtube! :)

"The truth has nothing to fear from investigation"

Hello Andreana..

Welcome to Think Atheist ^_^

Welcome to the site.  

Hi Andreana,

   Welcome to the site. I'm curious about your previous religion. Theistic Luciferian, as opposed to Satanism. My understanding is that LaVeyan Satanism is a belief that human urges should be embraced rather than opposed like in Christianity, and that it doesn't actually entail belief in Satan as many people would assume. Is that what you meant by Satanism? Conversely, Theistic Luciferian(ism?) is a term I have not come across before. Is that a belief in and worship of Lucifer? Does that also necessitate the belief in the existance of God? In which case, what drove you to switch teams? (from Yahweh to Lucifer and also from Lucifer to Atheism?) I'm guessing it was Yahweh's chronic assholism...

Thanks and welcome again,


I originally took on this label after months of feeling that way as it was.  Theistic Luciferians don't worship the deity known as Lucifer.  It's more like how yogis will travel to India to get to the roots of the practice and find a teacher to guide them.  In Luciferianism, Lucifer doesn't like for people to worship him.  He encourages everyone to pursue knowledge.  He's the physical embodiment of the pursuit of knowledge and illumination, as the name means "Morning Star" and he is the light illuminating man and trying to advance us in the fields of mathematics and science.  There's the Theistic Luciferian, who view him as an actual deity, but one that you don't worship more as look to for help and act more like a king or something similar.  You don't worship him, but look up to him.  And his stance is one of searching for truth and science.  Then there's the Atheistic Luciferian, who views Lucifer as simply the symbol of illumination and knowledge.  The symbol of realizing your greatness and looking for ways to increase your knowledge and the knowledge of those around you to create a better human society.  Both ways, it's mainly about improving human existence through developing better technology and learning more about the world around us to help us expand our abilities as a species.

In my case, I viewed Yahweh as the oppressive God.  The one who won the war and our entire account was written from the side of the victor, as all of history tends to be written.  We hardly ever acknowledge the losing side, even if their cause was often a nobler one.

I had been a part of multiple religions over the course of seven years.  I had gone from various new age beliefs, to dabbing in hinduism and buddhism, but I always returned to agnosticism after a time because I started getting apathetic towards it.

Last year, around this time, I effectively brainwashed myself into believing in god and being Christian, but the more I read the bible, the more I disliked Yahweh.  Surely, the other must be more compassionate.  I had a few "religious" experiences during a fit of depression, and the concept of Lucifer having a personal, fatherly relationship with me took root in my mind, and I began to look to him for guidance.  Which led me to my obsession with physics.  I began reading physics books and articles like I felt he was telling me to do, and I came across Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow's book The Grand Design.  By the second chapter, I was convinced there were no deities.  But I fought with myself over it.  I kept digging deeper and deeper into quantum physics and the concept of a deity just became the things of a childish view of the world to me, so I finally let myself be honest.

That ended up being longer than I thought it would be, but I hope I answered your questions. :)

Thanks for the detailed reply. It sounds like Atheistic Luciferianism is quite similar to LeVeyan Satanism. Theistic Luciferianism is a new concept to me, thanks for explaining it.

welcome :)


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