Yesterday, in the parking lot of a small town grocery store in rural southern America, I spotted a bumper sticker that proclaimed "I am Christian and I vote." This seems like a simple enough statement but I ended up pondering the implications of that sentence. What is the underlying meaning of this proclamation? I really am not sure how to interpret it. Is it an attempt to make other Christians feel compelled to vote? Is it a statement that seeks to make others (ie unbelievers) mindful of the power of established religion in our country? It "comes off" to me as an in your face statement of provocation. Maybe I'm wrong. Or does the owner of the bumper sticker feel the grip of their organized religion is waning and that legislation is the best way to correct the secular direction our country seems to be headed upon? 

If I had a bumper sticker on my truck that proclaimed "I am atheist and I vote." what message would that project? 

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Oral sex is illegal in some Southern states but it's hard to prosecute because the perpetrators usually swallow the evidence.

I believe sodomy laws may very well still be on the books here as well.

In Arkansas the only alcohol sold in a designated dry county is at an establishment that has applied for and been approved to receive a liquor license. The approval process is carried out by the state alcohol and beverage board. Currently we have one restaurant owner in the county who has successfully applied for the license. There was a contingent of Baptists who took their church buses down to Little Rock for the hearing but the board was not receptive to their claims. 

Thankfully I can legally make up to a couple hundred gallons of wine/beer for my own personal consumption.

That's a representation of states with liquor controls and counties that are dry marked in red.  Individual dry municipalities aren't on the map but they number in the mid 100s if you'd like to total them up  There's only a few states that don't allow city referendums on whether to allow liquor sales.

That huge red swath in the northern part of Arkansas is exactly where I am located. Pray for me.  :^ )

Pray or you want us to UPS you some liquor? I'm in S Dakota right above the Rosebud Lakota Reservation marked in red. They drive all the way to walmart in Rapid City for their beer and carry it back to their meth labs.  That's a bad joke.  Most of the people on the res are great.

That's one of the funniest jokes I've heard. I can laugh and feel sorry for them at the same time. Just can't figure out what's wrong with me.

(Oh, meant to mention... I think some states regulate delivery of alcoholic beverages, but I don't remember which. Most of the ones I was aware of have their own alcohol beverage industries they're trying to protect.)

It's so hard to believe that this is possible. I'm really scratching my head on this one. People who go totally nuts over the "controlling tyranny of the government"  but then they vote ban the right of someone else to buy alcohol. A real head scratcher.

"Do gooders" like to keep the controlling tyranny at the local level. ;^ )

It is almost like they are trying to be arrogant and say that they are a "smart Christian."

An implication that Christians who don't vote are stupid, so all Christians should vote.

There is a plethora of very smug ones around here.

They probably pray also.  And if prayer works there must me a lot of people praying for bad



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