Yesterday, in the parking lot of a small town grocery store in rural southern America, I spotted a bumper sticker that proclaimed "I am Christian and I vote." This seems like a simple enough statement but I ended up pondering the implications of that sentence. What is the underlying meaning of this proclamation? I really am not sure how to interpret it. Is it an attempt to make other Christians feel compelled to vote? Is it a statement that seeks to make others (ie unbelievers) mindful of the power of established religion in our country? It "comes off" to me as an in your face statement of provocation. Maybe I'm wrong. Or does the owner of the bumper sticker feel the grip of their organized religion is waning and that legislation is the best way to correct the secular direction our country seems to be headed upon? 

If I had a bumper sticker on my truck that proclaimed "I am atheist and I vote." what message would that project? 

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I'm Buddhist and I do my grocery shopping every other day.

I'm Muslim and I like colourful neck-ties.

I'm Jewish and I have a compost in my backyard.

I'm an atheist and I eat cereal for breakfast and on the weekend I have pancakes eggs and bacon.

I'm Christian and I fill out my tax forms on time.

I'm Sikh and I read books by Nobel Prize winning authors.

I'm Jain and I have friends over for an afternoon snack as often as I can.

I'm Zoroastrian and I have a daily blog.

You're a very busy person.  ;^ )


To the Christian it might mean “As a Christian all I really need is God (his authority and leadership) but I also vote for a government here on Earth (to keep the country Christian).

If you put that bumper sticker on your truck in the rural southern US, the most likely message you'd convey is "please vandalize my truck".

You haven't seen my truck.  :^ )

I am 'a male bipedal mammal, and I vote'.

A little like 'I am atheist and I vote'?

I think it's designed to get more of them to vote. 

We have an upcoming statewide referendum that would make liquor sales statewide and do away with the dry counties currently in place. The Xtian right is on the airwaves spreading paranoia, including how there will be liquor stores and bars moving in next to schools & churches. BS.

Dry counties? Does that mean you aren't allowed to drink alcohol? Seriously?

In a dry county there are no bars or liquor stores. I think even convenience and grocery stores don't sell alcohol. I don't think they try to control what you do in your own home though. Some places have very specific stores which are the only place you can buy alcohol. I understand they have odd business hours - like not when you ordinarily might want to have a drink (10am to 4 pm on weekdays, for example). Some areas still have "blue laws" that say you can't buy alcohol on a sunday.

That is totally crazy. I wonder how many tea party libertarians live in these counties and what they say about these laws.


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