The case started in 2010 when Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez, then ages 12 and 13, challenged their school's ban on 'I love boobies' bracelets after they were suspended for wearing them on Breast Cancer Awareness Day. (The girls are shown wearing the bracelets below.)

The Easton Area School District claimed the bracelets are lewd and disruptive, and should be banned from school. School Superintendent John Reinhart said the bracelets are "cause-based marketing energized by sexual double-entendres."

In August, the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's decision in favor of the girls, saying the district didn't prove its case. On Tuesday the school board voted 7-1 to appeal the court's decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

What's your take? Is the 'I love boobies' slogan-- a highly successful public relations campaign-- really crude and offensive in a sexual way? Is this a school board overreacting to two adolescent girls promoting breast health? Are these two girls knowingly taking advantage of the slogan to "disrupt" the school?

What do you think the Supreme Court will say?

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d. all of the above.

No clue how they'll rule. It's disruptive but not necessarily lewd. In loco parentis gives the schools a lot of power.

I loath this ad campaign. I don't give a flying fuck about my dead aunt's dead boobies, my grandma's boobs, or my other grandma's once-boob-now-chest. What I care about is my aunt, my grandma, and my grandma. 

Having a friend that had breast cancer, and her having to have one of them removed, I can say she cares about her boobies. She cares that one is lost and she had to get a fake one to replace it. It may be sad and wrong, but the feminine identity is closely tied to breasts... and losing one or both is psychologically damaging regardless of ideology.

Yes, the first priority should be saving a person's life... but there's nothing wrong with wanting to save our boobies, either. There's nothing wrong with loving parts of our bodies. It would be fantastic if the cure we find leaves our breasts intact.

If some students respond inappropriately to the girls' health-conscious message, the school should discipline the rude students and not censor the responsible young ladies.

This is spot on. I don't even remotely agree that kids should wear uniforms or avoid anything that could be a "distraction" while at school. The world is full of distractions, and part of learning to live in the world is learning how to tune out the distractions to get your work done. The "burden of improvement", as it were, should be placed on those who are easily distracted to improve their attention span. Catering to bad habits helps no one, and it enables bad behavior or childish attitudes/responses. Learn control!

"Out came the muzzles and the trumped-up cries of outrage."

Standard Operating Procedure for cowards with power.

The school in which I taught banned T-shirts that had on them

See Dick Drink

See Dick drive

Don't be a Dick.

I think people in north america are obcessed with control of things there is no need to control ! What is this fetish you have with imposition of authority against all common sense? They are school kids, they are showing a little passion for a cause. The slogan is a little silly, perhaps even trivialising the subject but why is the school district worried by a little double entandre when they should ne concerned by what is on the mobile devices of many school boys in the shape of violent/abusive porn ?

I hope those girls carry on challanging this and everything else, we need more like them. I really hope this drives them forward to test the authorities on many other aspects of society in the years to come.

As to the school wasting money on this - now that is irresponsible.
Judith vd R.

As an American, I agree we are control freaks. We're all about controlling everything for optimization, maximizing productivity, managing costs, restricting personal behaviors deemed immoral, etc. It's kind of our thing. Sometimes it works out well to try to stay ontop of 'everything.' But in this case, you're right. They're all worked up about the word 'boobie' when we have so many higher priorities. People love a good moral panic about 'kids these days' and how to 'raise 'em right.'

It was the Puritans who brought this xtian crap to the shores of this continent, the people living here at the time weren't afraid of Boobies.

It's hard to say if the girls were disrupting anything, but I highly suspect they were.  I wouldn't even notice any message in that jumbled pile of crap bracelets unless my attention were specifically drawn to them - and I suspect this is what happened, that a bunch of kids were hootin', hollerin', laughin', and in desperate need of a good paddlin'.

No matter what the Supreme Court says I will still love boobies. They will have my full support.

With both hands?

Oh me too, definately a big fan of boobies, my own, my wife's all are wonderful for many reasons, even the one You allude to !


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