Early on, I never thought I'd have to make a choice like this. And don't get me wrong: when it comes to the presidential level, I ALWAYS vote Democrat. 

However, between the three front-runners of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, I'll take Trump because I think his "Christianity" is feigned whereas the other two are fundamentalist Christians who will justify Oval Office decisions with Bible passages and end of days beliefs.

What do you think?

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Aw man, I forgot about the scienos. The invasion plan just gets bigger and scarier!


"the Scientologists"

Be very careful...they don't like people talking about them. :D

BTW, one of the joys of TA is all the deleted replies. It's fun to read what someone composed and then decided against showing to everyone, except that almost everyone gets it in their email anyway.

Yes. You certainly get to read the authentic text (what the person really thinks)...and then the somewhat better worded version they leave (often an attempt to make it slightly more civil). 

Luckily it isn't twitter where (depending who you are) you can never ever take back anything you say or post. I don't know why politicians take that risk. If I were a mayor, for example, of some city...I would only have my secretary post things and not know the password myself. In a moment of frustration or after a couple glasses of beer...the vulgar version of your real thoughts slip out. Kind of the same when talking in private. With the proliferation of always recording devices...it seems nowhere is safe, secure and secret except on a boat in the middle of the sea. There, you can probably tell a "a Jewish priest walks into a tanning salon" joke and not loose your job.

I like to think of my re-edits, redactions, and deletions as positive forms of fast evolution of my communications processes.

There are a whole lot more Democrat than Republicans, and I'm sure that this election is one that we won't sit out!


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