What do you think? Can you know for sure there is no god or gods just because you haven't been convinced by someone else's proof?

Can you say for sure without exact proof that god doesn't exist or can you only say that the proof at hand only means that it is LIKELY that there is no god?

What do YOU believe is proof of the non-existance of god/s?

And how do YOU define Atheist?

I define it as someone that does not follow Theism, as does the dictionary.

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Ah, thanks for the context.
Chris did not bother to represent my point or side correctly so I don't think I should bother!
He didn't bother to use direct quotes in his thread about me, so why should I bother in mine about him?
Nelson mentioned your name. In a post almost identical to this one. He didn't misquote you, and he also he apologized in advance, in case he was wrong in anyway. I really don't see the point of having two posts with the same topic. Nor do I see the point in turning this into a he said she said argument.

State your case in Nelson's original post http://www.thinkatheist.com/forum/topics/what-does-it-mean-to-say-i

At the time I didn't see it wasn't Chris. I was bothered and slightly pissed so I made a mistake of who posted it. Chris was the person I was having an issue with not Nelson so I don't see why he felt he had to make it personal against me. I will say I am sorry to Chris on that thread if it is still going. But then it was Nelson did make it personal by using my name without asking me and saying that I said something that I in fact did not say. But what I said about Chris in this thread is more or less true. He assumes because he believes something that is must be true without a doubt and I feel he is wrong.


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