i knew you answered a question like this before,,but i wanna know "What make you an atheist?"

i'm new here, but i'm not new for being an atheist.

i just want to know how you guys turn to be an atheist?to become an open minded thinkers...

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belle rose,you're right!,bible dont answer your curiosity about that dude from above(as they say),,

,sorry about that fasting thing,,did u lost a pound???,

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For me, where it really began was with my academic introduction to the field of philosophy, from a high school history class and philosophy courses my first year in college. Philosophy didn't make me an atheist, but what it did was make me realize that the question of God's existence was "at issue": it was debatable, and had been debated by many of the greatest minds in history. Even the fact that God had brilliant and spirited defenders was a blow against it, because that indicated that the concept itself was not obvious or self-evident; it required defending. And not just superficial defending, but deep, complex philosophical defending.

When you're inside the Christian bubble, your concept of non-belief centers around the personal failings of the non-believer. I used to think that it was a simple thing to choose Christianity, because why would anyone want to be on the side of darkness and evil? I didn't realize that there was a side of evidence and truth. To be a non-believer was to reject God and therefore to be angry and/or self-absorbed (or worse, duped and seduced by "the world"). My own mother once casually mentioned that perhaps I didn't recognize a higher power than myself (apparently forgetting such obvious candidates as my boss, my wife, rich people, the president, the law, forces of nature, etc.). What you are never told as a believer, or even think about, is that 99% of non-believers don't reject God—they just pop the bubble. They see the whole charade for what it is. They learn about science and philosophy and history, take those subjects seriously, and can put their religious beliefs in the proper perspective. And eventually they realize that those beliefs do not make literal sense, and they stop holding those beliefs themselves. It's as simple as that.

 Baby I was born this way!

Logical thinking probably picked up from my parents when I think about it... lead me to challenge anything and everything I had been taught, heard about or was exposed to I think because I was lucky enough to have parents that answered my questions I had as a child (not specifically religious question , any questions about anything) with

"well what do YOU think?"


"Look it up!"

and "Don't believe everything everyone tells you because there  are often many answers to a question based on a persons perception ! "

That lead me to look up perception lol and it was all a domino effect from that point I think..

I think it was my Catholic Dad and Church of England Mum's way of making me use encyclopedia's and dictionaries (I didn't have google then) .

Ironicly and possibly even inadvertantly the teaching to me of logical thinking by my Theist parents ended up in a side effect of Atheism lol

haha,,that was funny,,both of them are christians,,then have a daughter w/c is not...

,,not like mine,,coz my mama is the only believer and my papa is not,,he didnt admit that he was an atheist but i can tell it by the way he talks about god...


That's a cool story about your parents. I don't want to make it seem like mine were dogmatic or anything, just contentedly Christian. My dad is always putting down crackpots and idiots and flaky people and the like, and I picked up that critical and no-nonsense side of him, most definitely. My mom is intellectually curious and super friendly. Both are educated and encouraged me academically as I became a valedictorian and went to college. Neither discouraged me from consuming whatever movies and TV and books I wanted, feeling that they had instilled the right values in me to handle things. Much like you, I think my upbringing shaped me to be a critical thinker, and that led me to atheism.

u have a great thinking in a way that no one talks to you bout being an atheist,,

,,it was popular in philosophy,let me guess, your prof is an atheist, right?,

,well, i remember when we had a debate about that,,i throw a bunch of scientific facts to my opponent,,and guess what he only said?,,"are you a satanist?!",,hell no!,if i dont believe in god,,you think i believe to satan?,,aarrgg..

,,ok,i understand that you feel to choose christianity before,,because they do brainwash in church!!!!

,,and yeah,,the only thing we need to do is respect what they believe,,even though we knew it wasnt true...

I have always had doubts about Islam, I think the earliest I can remember was when I was 11.
I would always try to understand "God's plan" for me, but my parents always told me it was "haram" or forbidden to think of such thoughts, but that didn't stop me.
I kept thinking about many things in depth and then when I got my first laptop, I started researching the origins of Islam, the teachings of it, and the life of Mohammed and the more I knew --- the more repulsive Islam became to me. 
Then a year ago, I started examining Christianity and knew it was just as bad (it just has a bigger blanket).
That's when I decided I wasn't religious anymore. Only this year, when I started learning more about the world and how it works, did I decide that God was no longer necessary-- if not irrelevant.

that's great,!,,you decided it super right!

After all the data was collected and reviewed and much contemplation of the navel it became apparent that things just don't add up. There is far greater valid reason to not believe in the supernatural than otherwise. 

I remain open to credible evidence to alter my lack of belief but no one can present it thus far.


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